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The perfect superset to finish off chest day

Haven’t done an ab video in awhile so here we go.. you could do these hanging or how I did them today. Perform this workout to failure. Left centre right and repeat. Once you tap out alternating sides burn out with straight leg raises

Shaping up slowly.

Occasionally i will model, on a good day.

One of favourite superset to target the upper chest. Start with traditional incline dumbbells. I decided to mix things up a tad today. Rather then pushing heavy weight I dropped the weight to lighter controllable weight so that I could lower the dumbbells to just past my full range of motion yet still training safe to prevent injuries. Once completed, drop the weight and burn out with “tight presses” both sets are to failure.

When pretty boy mens physique meets the monsters of the industry 🤣. the big homie @plaja11 out here making me look like a little boy. Pictures don’t do this guy justice

Can’t be in gym clothes all the time. Unfortunately

Week 1 updated photo number 2. content with how I looked after the 1st week.things will be getting a tadddd cooked as we get closer to the event . 4 more weeks to go. The team will be shutting south beach down, that’s for sure 😝. Shorts by @jed_north “NKP15” 15% off code

Good times with the big bro I never had @anthonylucianii Congratulations mike and Katie on your marriage #lovethelucianis2018 #family

In preparation for 1up weekend September 7th I will be doing a mini shred series on my Instagram page. Each weekend I will be posting updated photos as the days count down to the event to show you guys how effective @1upnutrition supplements are and the results you could achieve with proper diet and training. The stack from 1up that I will be using is as followed. ▪️1 up BCAA x3 daily ▪️1up whey / protein bars
▪️daily cleanse ▪️CLA x4 daily
▪️1up pre workout (ONLY if I’m too tired prior to training. You know my reason behind this if you have been coached by me)
▪️1up fat burner x2 daily
1 week into using this supplement stack followed by a proper diet and known effective cardio/ training techniques this is the result. I am self coached, You could have access to my training/ cardio techniques on my website (check bio) or the @aflete app! ❌new prices❌
Team 1up weekend 2018, hope to see you all sept 7th on south beach 👐🏻

The most effective supplement on the market if your trying to get the best bang for your buck. CLA from @1upnutrition has the a lot of benefits such as promoting lean muscle mass, promotes fat loss / faster recovery and keeps your metabolism high. I take CLA 4 times daily with meals. 1up 20% off code- prete 💸

Added some kick to tradition straight bar pull downs. I find it hard on my wrists when doing the side movement with a straight bar so I do this workout with a vertical grip straight bar. Once you can’t do any more reps with the side pulldowns rep out as many as you can straight. Tag your gym partner who needs to see this variation and give it a try next back day

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