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Got this one from @jasonpostonpro. Wasn’t a good idea trying out this workout at the end of shoulder day let me tell you. Wearing one of @jed_north new release shirts, you could find this full outfit on the @jed_north website. -

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Always mixing things up. Try out this back day finisher next back day. No need to go heavy with this superset. Start with the rope attachment set up all the way at he top. Pull rope down driving your elbows down towards your lats and squeeze until failure. Once completed burn out with straight arm pull downs. Tag someone who needs to see this. You could find my full outfit at the jed north website . - - -

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Back when I had runway model cheeks with an aggressive competition tan and when regular people looked at you funny for it.Still debating on competing this year. What do you guys think?

Couldn’t be happier with the results I got from @1upnutrition pro ripped. Here’s my experience using this product.My energy levels stayed high even though I was only eating 44g of carbs while I was dieting, my appetite was kept in control and my body was changing daily. Use my discount code and pick up this product 20% off “Prete” at checkout -
Wearing @jed_north shorts. Nkp15 is my discount code

Out here feeling like tony maanne

Guys like wide “glutes”, girls like wide backs, it’s simple

“Don’t even put a caption, no caption needed” -an ex👐🏻

Hard not to smile when you are in 32 degree weather without a cloud in the sky. I got my @1upnutrition BCAA’s keeping me hydrated throughout the day, life’s good. Use my discount code “Prete” and pick up this product 20% off 💰
Wearing @jed_north camo shorts. 15% off jed north code “NKP15” 💰

Finished off shoulders today with this workout. For this workout you should use a light set of dumbbells. Lean forward and bring the dumbbells back behind you, as you bring the dumbbells back twist your wrist outward and squeeze your real delts once your all the way back. It might take a few reps to get the rhythm. -
Full outfit by @jed_north use my code “NKP15” for 15% off jed north items. -

Try this superset out. start with tradition machine flys. Once complete lower the weight, rest your shoulder blade on the top of the support pad and lean back then burn it with as many flys as you could. This set with your body position leaned back will target the lower chest. Try it out -
Sipping on @1upnutrition BCAA’s to keep my muscle hydrated thought out my workout so I’m performing at 110% - 1up 20% off code: Prete 💰💰
Full outfit by @jed_north -

We out, like the guy in backgrounds stomach 👐🏻 -

So here’s 1 out of the 20 photos I kept from today photoshoot. Right about now my abs definitely do not look like that as I thought it might be a good idea to eat 5 kit kits shortly after that shoot and have 2 rounds of @sweetjesus ice cream cones at the mall. Back to dieting starting tomorrow☺️

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