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Nick & Demi = my heroes  I ❤ nick & demi. Original Nickhead. Jonas Brothers & Demi will always have my support no matter what they do or who they do it with. 💙 music

I may need to take a break from social media... it annoys me or makes me sad more than anything these days. Between hateful people, no interaction between #nemi & people tagging my faves in posts or tweets that are unnecessary or inappropriate is just all too much. #nickjonas

#FBF to the #amas #nickjonas. Back when #nemi interacted. 😒

Check out the latest update if you haven’t already. I am sorry it’s taken so long to update this one but as many of you know I’ve been in a slump for a few months. I’ve also been crazy busy in real life. I’m trying to at least finish some of my stories just in case I don’t want to continue writing #Nemi #fanfic. This story is going to end in the next chapter or two. I had plans for a 4th book in this series but I’m not sure if it will get written. It’s taking me weeks to finish a chapter when it used to take a few days. Besides my slump & busy life I also feel like there are less people reading any fics on #wattpad. I keep seeing new stories about Nemi pop up, so maybe people are into writing more than reading. I hope you enjoyed this story in particular because it’s been one of my favorites to write. Show it some love... and I hope it was worth the wait. #nickjonas #demilovato #aufiction

Wilmer is speaking at Cast in DC, so I wonder if rumors will start about #dilmer being back together & people will forget about Lauren? 🤔😂 I’m also really hoping #nickjonas is in New Jersey for Easter then goes to her show the next day. I really need some #nemi. #demilovato

I’m so sick of people. And people who want to sit behind a computer or their phone & spew shit about someone’s craft or artistry when they probably haven’t even listened to it or bothered to find out the meaning of something. I hate people. 😡#nickjonas #chainsaw #fuckoff

#nophia is making me quite happy. #nickjonas #sophiabush

Glad to see at least #nemi is participating in stuff together. I know they won’t physically be together but I’m going to take my Nemi when I can get it. #nickjonas #demilovato

Got my copy of #Jumanji today & can’t wait to watch it especially the gag reel. #nickjonas

#Mcm wondering what #demilovato is doing. #nickjonas 😒

This kills me. 😍😍😍😍 #demilovato #shesgoingtobeanamazingmom

She looks so sad. I hope if she was sad for some reason she’s okay now. 😢 #demilovato

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