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Nick Mutuma Kigatira  G.A.P🦒 | @mtvstayingalive #MTVSAFSquad

S/O to @filmaid 👌🏾
Repost By filmaid: After two weeks of magical screenings in Dadaab and Kakuma refugee camps, FilmAid Film Festival is officially with us in Nairobi!.
Join us in Korogocho, @pawa254 and IMAX this week for a compelling selection of short films from refugee and non-refugee filmmakers from around the world 🎥 🌍.
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Congrats @kipchogeeliud 👑 Greatest marathon runner of all time 🇰🇪 🇰🇪 🇰🇪

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Celebrating 9 years of friendship and the evolution of the camera phone @georgiaarnold99

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Congrats to the entire cast & crew not forgetting #Thisisitsquad for supporting us

Special s/o to the homie @_lowladee Genius writer 👸🏾 #AMVCA2018 @thisisit_series #BestTVSeries

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No challenge, no growth 📷 @kevinkemama

Last year I got an amazing opportunity to study Acting at one of the most revered art institutions in the world, @UCLA.

I went to Hollywood with an open mind and a lot of questions. I wanted to understand why Hollywood was thriving, what it took to run big budget productions, Distribution, and what it takes to build a sustainable film industry in Kenya/Africa. Questions that wouldn’t be answered by my Acting Post Grad Diploma. So I ventured into the world of Production!!! Taking every opportunity I had to volunteer on Film sets and observe how things worked in the ‘Mecca’ of film making. It’s kinda like i went through school in the traditional sense and film making School through interning on film sets.

At the same time my best friend @_lowladee - a creative genius, and I had been discussing the possibility of her moving to Kenya and setting up a Pan African production House with me; An idea that didn’t require a lot of convincing because she’s more of a risk taker than she imagines.
I’m back in Kenya and we’ve set up shop! Giraffe Africa Productions seeks to tell African stories through film and television for a global audience.
We are currently in development for our first feature film ‘Shujaa’ starring the very talented @hassansarah We’ve completed the pitch video to paint a picture for investors and it’s truly remarkable. It’s looking really good guys!
For now we ask for your prayers, and positive vibes as we embark on the journey of bringing Shujaa to life. Big s/o to the cast & crew that made it possible. Peace and chicken grease 🦒 🦒 🦒

Proverbs 3:5-6

When you see a cop & you’re own your phone so you decide to distract him with the Shaku Shaku. My speaker is busted so just imagine the music lol
#Disconnectthemovie now available online. Link in bio

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