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Nick Lujan  Life is beautiful. ✌♡😊 Reno, NV

Reminiscing pondering the folds of life in Hawaii

July 10th: I left the forest that day feeling as though I was brushed clean. As if there was no substance to me for dust to collect. I was filled with love. I was filled with compassion. I had found myself.

And there is so much time to love and be loving #BeHereNow

"My vision of the new man is of a rebel, of a man who is in search of his original self, of his original face. A man who is ready to drop all masks, all pretensions, all hypocrisies, and show the world what he, in reality, is. Whether he is loved or condemned, respected, honored, or dishonored, crowned or crucified, does not matter; because to be yourself is the greatest blessing in existence." •Osho

Stoked because I just landed a triple backflip off of the bridge... #Iswear

You're only in space and time for so long, my friends.


1. We are in space.
2. No one knows what's going on.
3. I love you.

California dreaming

Back to reality 🤘

I dig you.

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