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After a two hour delay, they finally let us off the ground. Thankful once again that I can channel my anxiety into something constructive on what had to be one of the most turbulent flights I've ever taken. So very glad to be on the ground again & grateful for the glorious sunshine after the storms.

My namesakes - Earl Jr and Earl III - were quite different men - although from what I know of them both were equally opinionated, intelligent and deeply family oriented.
I came across this batch of pictures while hunting for something else and realized with interest that my Great Uncle, Earl Nicklin Heap III, was the one constant in all of them.

Uncle Earl never married or had children and my Great Grandfather Earl was an only child - so when Earl III passed, their family line ended. This was part of what prompted me to take that family name when I was going through the process of choosing a name for myself.

My Great Uncle passed before I got a chance to tell him about my name change and I often wonder what either of them would have thought about me. I know that Uncle Earl was always pretty kind and tolerant of us as kids - much less comfortable as we got older and more complicated. And my Great Grandfather was pretty conservative, though certainly not orthodox in his religious practice.
I think that although they might not fully understand all the nuances, that they'd ultimately be glad for my personal happiness and that I bear their name with dignity and respectful appreciation.

Looking over these images, though, I am particularly reminded of how grateful I am for my mother's persistent work to preserve our history and sustain my connection to all those who have gone before me.

Deep thoughts on a restless morning...

So, Friday I ended up leaving work early because what I thought was just a lingering allergy issue turned out to be something more serious with my lungs not working properly (aka - unresolved asthma symptoms that normal meds weren't touching).
Thankfully, I was able to get into the clinic without any issues - they ran the normal tests (no pneumonia - they took x-rays to check!) and with a nebulizer breathing treatment and a scrip for a course of steroids, I seem to be on the mend. All of which is to say -- I am grateful as hell to have health insurance & a job that encourages my wellbeing over any work obligations. And that I had something creative to work on while I was waiting to stop feeling like I was drowning in my lungs.

I can never get enough of flowers blooming - so grateful for the return of Spring and roses in the parkways.

All living things get nurturing in this house - some are just more needy than others.
PS - yes, that is a 20-pound cat in a baby sling - because that's how we roll. 😏👍🏼

Green spaces and Coffee Shops stand in backdrop to purple night skies and streetlight-constellations -- Midnight Meditations

Midnight blossoms smell so sweet.

Heart Light Shines on Me

Starlit Love Light

The March of the Butterflies

Looking through the same lens and yet just changing perspective brings infinitely more beauty.

“Love is like a mirror. When you love another you become his mirror and he becomes yours...And reflecting each other's love you see infinity."

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