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Second Day of Chicago Open House: Last stop was at the Temple only blocks away from St Mary's. It was hard to capture the magnitude of all the incredibly intricate statuary in the space or to gather the meaning of it in the short time we were able to visit. But the scent that greeted us both on the way in and out left me feeling particularly peaceful. #ohc2017 #lingshenchingtzetemple

Second Day of Chicago Open House: Stop #2 was St Mary's of Perpetual Help - where I learned that Cabrini Green was named after Sister Cabrini who was canonized after her death. This place was one wonder after another - truly breathtaking. Each of pillars along the alter-rail is a different kind of marble! And that organ... such a glorious sound.

Second Day of Open House Chicago: Hector Duerte Studio. Got to listen to him speak about his art education and then about the meaning and evolution of his artwork. Powerful, insightful and moving. Can't wait to see what the mural currently being developed looks like once it is completed and installed. #ohc2017 #hectorduertestudio

Last night's chapter in What DO You Eat?!? - Portobello mushrooms, arugula, red onions and truffle aioli (Nick-safe) on toasted white bread (Nick-safe), with balsamic-vinaigrette roasted brussel sprouts and an extra side of roasted potatoes with garlic, onions and rosemary. And of course, their strawberry shake. #chicagodinerlogan

Second stop on our route: the restoration of the iconic Congress Theater. Considering the amount of time it's been shuttered, the space is in remarkably good shape. #ohc2017 #congresstheater

This place is everything I thought it would be & I'm thrilled that we finally got a chance to visit. Our guide was brand new to the company so we got a fresh perspective on what they're about. Totally worth the walk and wait in the rain to see it all. #ohc2017 #bigmonstertoys

Finally made it to this place - well worth the wait and trek through the rain!
#ohc2017 #bigmonstertoys


We are people of principle and virtue
And we fight for those things -- more often for others, yet also for ourselves
Though that takes much more of us than we are sometimes ready to bring.
We fight by speaking the Truth
By shining a Light on the Dark places and calling out to those who are hidden to join us
With great love and compassion and faith
We fight by surviving it all
By refusing to be erased
Or denied
We fight by bending and changing and growing and transforming into something greater -- Nick Heap (October 2016) ---- I've been waffling with uncertainty about whether I was going to post anything specifically for National Coming Out Day or not, because frankly I don't think that there's a single person in my life that doesn't know that I fall firmly on the gay end of the LGB spectrum.
The act of picking a label for myself, though, always gets complicated and messy because... are we defining how I related to the person? or the combinations of genders? or the form of our physical bodies at the time? or a dozen other possible considerations that frankly make my head hurt trying to juggle them into a coherent "word" that others might understand.
My reality is that at various points in my life, I have identified as a lesbian, a dyke, a gay man, a bisexual and ultimately as Queer -- because whatever else I may have been defined as by myself or others, I can definitely say that I have never been straight... My hope is that one day we won't have to "celebrate" this Day at all because whatever expression of sexuality one may have will be totally accepted - whenever and however one chooses to share that very personal information with others.
In the meantime, I celebrate those who stand in their authentic self-expression, who claim their sexuality and share your joy in knowing that we are worthy of love and respect. I also recognize that there are those whose lives and circumstance are such that for their safety and wellbeing chose not to live openly.
My hope is that one day soon all people who share this way of being find safety and acceptance and love.

And for the latest chapter in What DO You Eat?!?: chunk-cut Bartlett pear, oatmeal, dried cranberries, blueberries and cherries, pumpkin-pie spice blend and soy milk (all warmed in the microwave for a minute or so). [Not pictured - Johnson's Naturals Maple-flavored breakfast sausages and @ipsento soy-latte]

So stoked to have scored this bit of Cosmic Awesomeness from @linseyclay at the Fall Sale currently going on at Penguin Foot Pottery Studio.

So... I had my first bike accident since moving into the City.
Was headed to my place to pick up some baking stuff and it started to rain. I was carefully watching for parked cars and traffic in my periphery when a whole gaggle of pedestrians step off the sidewalk in the middle of the block and right into the bike lane.
I hit my brakes to slow down enough to safely avoid them and my bike skidded out from under me, although I still managed to miss them and not end up under the wheels of the passing traffic.
God bless the gentle, kind and thoughtful waitstaff of Ramen Wasabi who picked me, my bike and my dignity up off the street, offered me ice for my bruised and bloody elbow and brought out the first-aid kit to patch me up.

My bike, thankfully, is fine and I will be sure to be a little more careful the next time I venture out in less than ideal weather.

Carrying on from my previous post -- tonight after a scrumptious meal of lentils, rice, sautéd onions, bacon, green pepper, kale, multi-color potatoes and tomato-basil chicken sausage -- we had brownie a la mode (cookies and cream flavor) with hot fudge for dessert. All of it thanks to the culinary wizardry of my dearest Elyse (who also hand-made the ice cream bowls we ate it from). Again, I say -- my life is pretty damn good, although I am deeply grateful that I live in a place where all these things are readily available. I know there are others who aren't so lucky.

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