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Her hands have held me and helped me all my life. A good mother is worth more than a thousand fortunes and you can never do enough to repay her. Give them more of your time and love while you still can.

Portraits in Baltimore #charmcity

One of the most insightful and enlightening commentators of the American experience has passed. Frank Deford was that voice of conscience and common sense that we all listened for and indeed needed badly! Reading his words made you think harder about what it meant to be a fan or how sports affected our lives and culture. But listening to his voice on the air made you pay that bit of extra attention as though your beloved grandfather was giving you advice that you knew was going to make life that much better!
Thank you Frank! #frankdeford @sportsillustrated @npr @hbo

interviewing the brothers zaretsky for my documentary. Corey and Matty are amazing guys who will no doubt do much good and inspire many! NYC 5/23/2017

Birthplace of Superman (Glenville, Ohio) Back in 1933, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, both from immigrant Jewish families, dreamt up the hero who stood for "Truth, Justice, and the American Way" Thanks to Jerry & Joe I was able to survive a mostly uneventful childhood!#superman #dccomics

Come on over!

happy easter

The team after wrapping a few days of shooting in NYC. Thank you all for your hard work and creativity! #crewlife

cheap therapy

That player taking a knee is praying for my soul as I had a very close call with a fast moving puck!

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