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NickiDonnelly-MrsBritishEmpire  BraveryHonouredInjuredOfficer/DisableModel /MotivationalSPEAKER/Consultant/Appearances!INFLUENCER starnow.co.uk/nickidonnelly #ProtecttheProtectors


4 hours in the snow my snowangel was determined to build her snow man by herself. She loved every minute and im.lroud she did it all by herself..... making memories that last. #thoughtoftheday
#inspire #festiveseason #festive

My baby will always be my baby who loves the snow and becomes a snow angel .. hours of fun in the snow! #snowangel #festiveseason #inspire #sundayfunday

The reason why i decided to set up a #Instagram page was primarily to share #educate others about life in a wheelchair and living with spinal Cord Injury. As my acceptance to my spinal cord injury and living with my #wheelchair started to grow over the years.. .. My #confidence grew in expanding my Instagram feed by sharing all my #stories of my #life I wanted every1 toc that #adversities do really make u stronger and #powerful to really be grateful that #God have me a 2nd chance to live again. For me #December is when I permanently became paralysed. This month used to haunt me where I would wake up screaming everyday shouting at the person who took my #independant life away. I would scream out for being in pain in my legs even when I couldn't feel my legs. I would avoid the road and find alternative routes to where the car crash was. I would shut down and not see anyone in December. I literally wouldn't want in spend #Xmas day. This image is from 6 years ago with a beautiful friend of mine known from school. One of 2 of my friends who kept in touch with from school and didn't give up on our #friendship like many who broke up with me because they couldn't cope with my '#disability '. This picture also shows when I couldn't use my upper body fully. My elbows were damaged and unable to contract so they needed up being fixed in a restricted position where my bones they would stick out more and dislocte. I lost my hair then my hair started to grow back . Id use my forearm and elbow to manoeuvre my electric wheelchair&be feed by another as I could only eat from a straw at that time .
When I look back and share this memories I see that I have atrue friend and I am blessed to have loving friends who really kept loving me whenever have up on me in my new life. I want people to spinal cord injury life does affect not just me who but everyone else around you and some will find it hard to cope it and because they don't know much about it they can't understand they shut down.I needed to be public to educate others my stories and share the power of knowledge to better us. #nickidonnelly #wheelchairlife #paraplegic #wheelchairdontcare #model #influencer

Vote for @amirkingkhan to win @itvimacelebrity link on his bio!!! It always a comfort to see and appreciate the human power when you get my public figures supporting your work and sharing it on social media.
I have had many different public figures and celebrities who have liked my posts and commented and shared my feedstoo many to keep screenshooting and uploading. The point is I do feel I don't need to establish myself by using these peoples pictures woth me to be recognised for status. I have always wanted to start alone and improve to the world that I can get recognised for being myself and sharing my own own story and talent and not becuas e I was with a celebrity. Now that I have been able to justify i am worth being accepting in society to be taken seriously as a speaker and model and infleucer. I am truly grateful that my Personal story to share my spinal cord Injury awareness and protect the Protectors campaign is being heard and recognised. You dont need thousands of likes or views. Aslong as your reachin g out to a few but when you get on occassions one of your post turned up on and caught the eye of a popular figure that is when I go .... finally my work is being recognised and taken seriously. All my hard work is paying paid off.
I have now decided to share some of posts with celebrities who I have met over the years to show the importance of networking to promote your business is the way to get yourself out there after all your work and talent is not going to be noticed if your dont use your social.media to your advantage. Social media is one of the best platforms that helped me become a established influencer,model and speaker. THAnK you to everyone that keeps my feeds going. Without the following and social feeds likes and shares
Time to confess.... you have seen much of me doing appearances posts as I have been spending for the last 12 weeks have weekly heart treatments this takes over my recovery time but this will help prolong my life and reduce the daily seizures I have been having . #nickidonnelly #wheelchairlife #disabledmodel #motivation #fitfam #paraplegic #inspire #teach #mod #missbritishempire

throwback proud to have served my country this picture was when I watched #coldplay when I started to accept my wheelchair life. no makeup,messy hair!

YOU WON'T REMEMBER ME. BUT I WANTED to share the impact meeting you had!! More importantly when @ritaora approached me and just smiled and talked to me saying "Youre inspiring" just that moment when you didnt stare at me but carried on being normal...you have no idea how much I need that to happen to help me mentally move forward and feel alive . You see this was the first time I got out of my house with my husband and actually go to a crowded event where I suffer PTSD anxiety 1st. Luckily I wa smoked to area where there was no crowds or bodies overpowering me in my #wheelchair The security were helpful&shield me so I didn't have panic. I will never forget the security who publically which I didnt not tell them to do they already knew who I was as they rememerbed me as Police Officer and had briefly voiced it to RITA ORA MANAGEMENT TEAM to support police officers. #ProtecttheProtectors You treated me as human being and didn't get awkward because of my #disability and wheelchair. #learning #life #positively .My daughter made me laugh, she said mummy you have same eyebrows, same nose,same smile and curly hair,your just need blonde hair and makeup on.lol
During this time Rita - You have bought joy into my daughters journey of #selfesteem with your personality and music. It's nice to see ppl evolve the right path to give others #Happiness.
My daughter loves singing, it's her escape from reality where she gets to be herself, where no one can be mean , my girls voice is powerful and overwhelming for me to hear . Emotions are running to really see my girl love music and be herself, break from carer to mum. The impact rita oras #music have had has been just what I and my daughter needs. my daughter went through bulling for years power of music really help her take control.paraplegic #motivate #wheelchairlife #disabledmodel #mod
#Education through music is talent.i see in my girl when she sings. #talent
#faith #wheelchairdontcare #ritaora #takemeanywhere #popmusic
All tags I've worked with & support!

Got email on fri 1st dec...From doing shoot in headscarf on Wednesday 29th based on these unedited vids which haven't been completed by the production team for another client.I was noticed by SPORTS BRAND NIKE casting!!!.but I couldn't go ahead with commiting to doing the TVC on Sat2nd dec as it was too short notice! Happy to say my work is noticed! always believe your worth more!!!
#nevergiveup #disabledmodel #wheelchairdontcare #paraplegic #motivate #NIKE !! When others don't believe in you..... it doesn't matter. what matters is YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, WHY? YOU ARE CAPABLE OF ANYTHING. For me in making all my impossiblities possible no matter how small.
#alwaysbelieve #disabledmodel #wheelchairdontcare #paraplegic #motivate #talenttalks #wheelchairlife #wheelchairgirl #wheelchairfashion #beauty #model #NIKE #tvc @nike @talenttalks

Work with the clients who book you even after your job is complete. Continued networking is the key to having a good reputation with glowing reviews.
Always show your gratitude . As i returned back home from a shoot I find special flo wers delivered by Interflora British Unit from @modelsdirect another company I worked with and was booked as model .
#interflora flowers are businesses no1 gifts with fast deliveries .
The art of #networking is to make the effort with all the companies. Get to know the companies and clients. Tale every opportunity and share your story. Be prepared to work hard and committed. You'll l ow when you've done a sucessful job when Companies send thank you gifts which I do not expect at all. When I do I share each companies positive feedback given to me aswell as share who the companies are I have worked with to give the companies social media attention because they deserve it too! #givethanks #beinspired
#wheelchairlife #disabledmodel #gift
#paraplegic #influencer
#beautyblogger #productblogger #nickidonnelly #modellife

Thank you to the @InvacareBelgium @Think_Mobility team for sending me gift on my return back at home. I was proud to be your 1st choice wheelchair model for your new launch of #Linx @invacaredanmark @invacareanz @invacareitalia
It is always rewarding knowing companies appreciate my commitment to working with them. Everything I do is for raising awareness for DisAbility Inclusion and protect the Protectors campaign.
#wheelchairlife #disabledmodel #gift
#paraplegic #influencer
#beautyblogger #productblogger #nickidonnelly #invacare

Thank you to @bootsuk @revlon_uk
For recognising me as a positive influencer!!! Boots sent me over Revlon Pro Collection Salon One Step Hair Dryer & Styler is 2-in-1 styling tool to keep .
This is light and safe ,gives the power of a dryer and the precision of a styler in your hands. 
The large paddle design runs through your hair to detangle, dry, and smooth to get lustrous, shiny hair. In one step. Even blow-drying the back of your hair is simple. Boosted by IONIC TECHNOLOGY

This is a good option for paraplegic too. Though I only used this for 3 mins on my daughter and she did took over as my hands dexterity limits holding tools for long time as I use a hairdryer on a stand. I wanted to share with you this tool to give you alternative hairbrush dryer that is safer for young girls to use that a dryer.
Go to boots.com copy and Paste the product name and there is a offer price on now. Even if hadn't have been sent this from the boots team I definitely would have bought this for my daughter. #bootsuk #bootsbeauty #influencer
#beautyblogger #productblogger #nickidonnelly #wheelchairdontcare #fitfam #motivation #insta #revlon #revlondryerbrush #hairdryer #hairstyles #hair

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