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Which Scentsy Buddy do YOU look like?
#lookalike #nickibtv

Scentsy wax sample day today.. what scent can I send you? fb/NickibTV #buydirect #shippedtoyourdoor

Watch as I unbox and review Bailey the Bunny, Scentsy's newest Scentsy Buddy! She’s so soft and sooo calming to snuggle up with! ❤️🐰❤️🐰❤️🐰 Want her for yourself? Save time & order direct

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New video on my YouTube channel
Nobody likes hearing that Children are suffering from any illness.. so grateful for the Starlight Children's Foundation and all that they do to help put smiles on faces of the little ones!
When you're not well, what's the one thing you do to feel better?

New video on my YouTube channel
No-one REALLY explains to you fully what it's like to promote to the third highest level of a Direct Sales company..I learnt the hard way in order to stay at the top you need to just 'do you'. Nothing different. Just consistently doing exactly what you did to get where you are right now. And recognise when your business is slowing (or falling backward) it's because you aren't being your true, authentic self.
Have you promoted lately? What's the #1 advice you could give to your team members that would ease their mind and keep them fired up?

Stop. Take it all in. Breathe out the last remnants of the past. Embrace the new. It's yours. All of it. Whatever you want. Take it. #timeisnow #wanderlust2017 #nickibtv #sunset #cloudporn

Great night out with Anne-Marie's old work colleagues, Italian restaurant for Dinner then next door at #dabruno for drinks and loud chats.
The owner had his own cd playing in the background with a link to iTunes. Clever. Clever marketing. Drinks were good to.
What's your favourite Friday night drink? 🍹🍸🥂🍻🍷🍾🥃?

These are a few of my favourite things.. I'm 'slightly' obsessed with Sunglasses at the moment, and the colours pink, purple and light gold. ...and not shaving my legs, but I think that's more 'conserving energy/heat' then something to 'favourite'. I'm also loving cheese more than I should 🧀🤔. This could all be blamed with being on the top of the World (figuratively as well as literally). What's your favourite Sunglass brand?

The weather is warming up here in Germany and Anne-Marie spoilt me with these amazing tulips 🌷 it's like the perfect week!
The only bummer with Tulips is they don't have a scent (how did I not know this before??) so tonight we'll be warming Pistachio ice-cream wax and pretending that Tulips smell like ice-cream 🍨🍨 If you were in charge of the smell of Tulips what would you love them to smell like?

My most favourite affirmations appeared in today's dailydraw & I couldn't be happier

My OCD is on red level high when tabbing catalogues apparently 🤣🤣🙄🙄🙄🐲 #ocd #rainbows #dragon #nickibtv #scentsydirectoratwork

Create a 5 year goal in your business today. This could be:
In 5 years I will have been promoted to Director in Scentsy with the most amazing team of friends, family and new friends. My bank account has over $2,000 in savings and I'm able to pay everything in cash.
Not- in 6 months I'm promoting to Director but no one is buying anything & no one wants to join, so I need to worry & stress out about not reaching an unrealistic goal I've set for myself that no one could achieve WHILE enjoying the journey along the way.
Give yourself a break. Re-evaluate your desire to DO. Re-focus and start again. #goals #mindset #scentsy #nickibtv

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