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Nickels  Rescued on 6/24/2014; Last Tour of Duty on 6/1/2017 🐕👼🔥https://youtu.be/9p_fYSQigEo


From @turnoutturnerfdny - Hi world!! My name is Turner! There's a new probie here at Engine 1 Ladder 24. While Boogie will never be replaced I'm here to bring some firecat love to Midtown. Looking forward to my new adventures here and hope you all enjoy following along. A special thank you to @carlow_fdny_cat and @jessica_mikelini13 for helping find a loving home. 😻🚒#boogiealways #TurnoutTurner #firecat #FDNY #TurnoutForWhat #oneteamonedream

Hey Folks, this is El Chapo @elchapo_323 over at Engine 323 in Flatlands, Brooklyn. Show this pup some love if you can. #fdny #firehousedog #oneteamonedream

Hey Everyone, this is Riggs @firefactoryriggs, the newest member to Engine 58 / Ladder 26 in Harlem. Show this pup some love #fdny #firehousedog #oneteamonedream

I was informed today that Engine 55 received a card today from Animal Medical Center @amcny with this message. Thank you guys for doing this in honor of Nickels so that his memory could live on forever;

In addition, to all those that donated in honor of Nickels to Animal Haven @animalhaven, I can't say it enough how much we greatly appreciate you for doing so;

Also, a big thank you to all those that dropped off cards and flowers to the firehouse, and to those that reached out to me via private message, and to friends and family for helping me get through this difficult time, you guys rock;

Stay cool folks. The dog days of Summer are upon us.

I am blown away by the support by everyone during this difficult time. My dear friend Sabrina set up a donation page in honor of Nickels on Animal Haven's website without my knowledge and I love her for doing it. If you want to donate in honor of Nickels, please see his profile for the link to the donation page. No amount is too small and the folks at Animal Haven do great things with rescues. Spread the good word. #inmemoryofnickels

Here we are, my final thoughts about our buddy Nickels. I want to apologize in advance if it ends up being long winded, but I want to touch upon the life of Nickels as much as I can. I couldn't fit all my thoughts in one post so please also check the comment section to view it's entirety.

It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows from the get go for Nickels. Like any group of people who work together, we all have different views and opinions.  It wasn't any different when it came down to the idea of getting a dog for the firehouse. I won't go into specifics but Nickels ended up staying, of course. Even though there were those who never considered Nickels family, that's okay, there is a reason why there's the saying, dogs are better than people. I do want to talk about the people who welcomed Nickels with open arms and who went above and beyond for him during his three years with us. There are quite a few guys but I want to mention specifically Martha, Tony, Mike, Capt Belmonte and Lt Scarangello. Each one loved Nickels wholeheartedly and went the extra mile for him, and Nickels reciprocated that love back. We are hurting badly with the lost of Nickels and it'll take time for this scar over our hearts to heal.

This photo was taken on the day we were interviewed by Fox 5's Linda Schmidt in collaboration with Animal Medical Center. You can check out the video clip that's located in his profile. This was the birthplace of a rising star and I thought to myself, "why not share his life story?" So, came the beginnings of his Instagram account. (Part 1 of 3)


This will likely be the second to last post for Nickels, I will post one final thought tomorrow. Thank you for following my tribute to him. As Ellen DeGeneres would say, be humble and kind to one another. #inmemoryofnickels

His failed attempt to jump onto the rig. Perhaps this was the reason why he was reluctant to get on by himself and that we needed to lift him up. #inmemoryofnickels

I have a photo of this framed at home. This is where I went inside Shake Shack to get some food but he had a worried look that I was gone for good. Look at that tug of the leash. He was happy to see me when I reappeared, or maybe because I had a pooch-ini for him to chow on. #inmemoryofnickels

Nickels is having his King of the Jungle moment, in a goofy way. #inmemoryofnickels

Nickels loved his hikes. This was at Nyack State Park by the Hudson River. #inmemoryofnickels

I was saving this photo for a Be Cool, Stay in School moment. #inmemoryofnickels

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