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Nick Army  Cinematographer at Hart | Toledo, OH

@katiegirlfit crushing it! What do you think? Should we do a few more of these?

Hey nerds! I'm obsessed with books (I also enjoy reading). Here's what's in my queue right now. Where do I even begin? I like to be surrounded by all kinds of books so I can always grab something depending on my mood.
Are with you me? What are you reading lately?! 📚🙌🏻📚

Taking The #Oculus for a spin!

Had so much fun shooting with @katiegirlfit last night. She is pure inspiration and talent. Go say hi!

Where are we going?

Ordinary shot to celebrate 600 followers. Posting better, more personal work lately. I actually lost followers for a while because of that, but also made a lot of new friends and found my voice. It's been awesome meeting new people and going on adventures. If you actually read these things, say "Hey!" and let's go make things!

This sums up The Spot! Pieces of something I shot for Hart last year and forgot to post. Starring Logan.

Walking down memory lane tonight. The Spot has a very special place in my heart. My first time was with @trevlee, then @b_dickman and @agoetzfilm. I can still feel that sense of stepping out of the real world into this sanctuary of stillness and wonder. It's hard to describe, but you've felt it too, right? Do you remember your first time at #theNWohiospot?

I'm addicted to fast vintage prime lenses and these are a few of my favorites. Each one has a unique look in color, bokeh and lens flares that you won't get with newer glass. Do you shoot vintage glass? What other tricks do you use to add personality to your frame?

One of my favorite shots that didn't make it into the video. I shot this with one hand on the #Aeropress while the other tilted camera.

Double tap if you love local coffee! Pump up the volume and enjoy!!Shoutout to my favorite Midwest roasters @maddieandbella @actualcoffee @populacecoffee @madcapcoffee @intelligentsiacoffee and @onelinecoffee for keeping us caffeinated while we make cool stuff!

How many cups of @madcapcoffee I had this week. #infinity

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