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Nick Bryan  Writer, not photographer.

Apparently I missed the Christians/lions pitfighting by half an hour so instead there is a ballet on.

‪Twelfth day of Christmas and my flat's hallway is a scene of multiple corpse disposal. Gore and viscera everywhere. (I'm joining in later.)‬

‪Pantomime in Canterbury! Panto in Canto! Do people say that? #PantoInCanto‬

‪At the O2 for second viewing of Rogue One. It's like a massive bowling alley. We are in the D-Box, which hopefully isn't prison. #DBox‬

‪They've made some big changes for this latest Spider-Man relaunch.‬

‪Okay, NOW it feels like Christmas. #brown #foodporn #brownfoodporn‬

‪Someone pushed this machine through the pain barrier.‬

‪Not quite exactly on my planned word count, but close enough. DRAFT FINISHED.‬

Bought this sweet 100% acrylic jumper for tonight's work Christmas party. Only a fiver! Avoiding naked flames!

CHRISTMAS or CULT? U-decide.

Christmas season off to a strong start at Lewisham station. Hopefully not a metaphor.

Passed 50k on my #NaNoWriMo thing! Be more impressive if I hadn't started with 26k pre-written but still!