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Nick Romero  LA.... and then some Owner and Founder of: @theavela @theaveatusc And NVR SHOES (Spring 2017)

Talking a little hip hop with the great American actor Mr Jeff Goldblum... Who slayed it in one of my fav joints DEEP COVER (and he knows all about who scored the soundtrack), and many other films , and put on one hell of a jazz show. On a mf'gin Wednesday @jeffgoldblum #jeffgoldblum #deepcover

Rocked a drunken best man speech the other night. Slayed it.....I think... Honored to be a part of Brandon and Ariana's special day. It was one of the best weddings I've ever been to! It was in Key West, Florida. Which is basically an island of very happy and very sunburned white people who sometimes party naked on rooftops after eating pie. Photo by Paige Joffe

Making friends in Aruba

Mexicans are hilarious, sentimental, and love to over-sensationalize moments in life. So my parents just moved and this "Phyllis Baby Wear - Smartly Styled Infants Christening Set" box somehow surfaced. You can tell by the design of the packaging, background and font that it wasn't made last year. Phillis Baby Wear is a designer and manufacturer of Baby Apparel, based out of Brooklyn, NY. In the fall of 1981, in San Fernando, my Mother purchased this "Smartly Styled Christening Set" at a "Baby Clothing Store" for me to wear at my Baptism. I'm sure I rocked the hell out of this classic, Made in America, white satin 3-piece ensemble. Additional items found in the box was a baby Tshirt that said "Dr Cooper Really Delivers" which was my first Tshirt and a Los Angeles Dodgers game program from a game against the San Francisco Giants in 1982, filled with awesome, rare and not on the Internet photos of Fernando Valenzuela. I think it's funny that as a parent, your most prized child outfit he wore when he was welcomed into God's world would be stored with nothing other than a Dodgers program. Hmmm, where should we put this Dodgers Program? In the box with Mijo's baptism fit, that's where!

"Mid Town Crossing" on San Vicente and Venice Blvds in Mid City, Los Angeles. Top photo shows the aftermath of the LA Riots which started 25 years ago today. Bottom photo is today. There is a Starbucks and white girls are starting to walk their dogs at night in this neighborhood now. Across the street, there used to be one of the last real Bowling Alleys, before they all went fancy. It's now a Living Spaces. I bought a home walking distance to this place 3 years ago as this area has grown. Because I can get top dollar, I'm renting that house out now, and will possibly look for the next "up and coming area" to buy in. The properties are worth more now than ever. It's interesting how things change, and all it takes it some knowledge and discipline to benefit from it.

Photo and caption by Norma 😂 that's me sliding to victory just like my Dodgers!! Took the crew tonight after tacos and beer pregame at the warehouse , Oh hai @karatekeen #bossstunts #dodgers

Love that collab between Vans and my LA Dodgers.... had to cop a pair and add my own flavor to it....customized in house. That yung Gibson 88. Other Shoe is Fernandomania. I don't think I can even wear them. SUUPER RARE. #dodgers #vans #itfdb

Yesterday got to see my boy @cslashs aka Japanese bob Marley who's in town hitting Coachella for the first time!! Then this morning I got an email for a special on flights to Tokyo for $550 🤔🤔🤔 gonna have to jump on that ! Shibuya ✈️Venice Beach L A let's goooo @sidthe3rd

Check out David Beckham with his two boys at The Ave today... goin custom.... thanks for coming thru 🙌🏾@davidbeckham

Me and Dario checking out that Lakers vs Clippers game for his 7th bday present. Full Tio Nick mode today... which means have fun all day and then call his dad!! 😂

Took a 4 hour mountain bike ride through Ubud- it was mostly a rural area that featured hills covered in rice paddys, a quick tour of a local coffee plantation - which had some of the best coffee Ive ever had. Me and the fellas also visited a temple which required proper attire. More classic moments in life. @eastbaycesar @joseph_ocon

Post 1/2 of today's adventure. After a 20 minute boat ride to an island neighboring Gili Trawangan, and two hour car ride up steep and narrow streets, we had about an hour of hiking through the jungle during extremely heavy rain, to reach the Tiu Kelep Waterfall. Our guide stopped us at a rest point, where this woman was cooking some bananas fried in a batter and making coffee from beans picked from trees directly to our left in the kettle right in front of me. My friends and I would refer to this banana snack as "banana empanadas"(lol). I typically do not smoke (cigarettes), but her friend had some tobacco grown locally on the island and offered to roll me one. I accepted. The head change from the smoke and energy from the coffee was much appreciated,. She charged the equivalent of 13 cents for her impeccable Banana empanadas. I can't tag her, she's not on IG. It is likely that she lives a life that is fulfilling. I aspire to do the same. Indonesia 2017

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