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Nick and Mia  We’re an uncle and niece pair of Norfolk Terriers from Massachusetts. Our human @katieisbell helps us with our page because we can’t read.

It’s my birthday! I am 9! I got new mini Kong tennis balls, I went on a long walk, I got to sit on the @chewy box my presents came in, and later I get to have cake and watch @nbcsvu! - Nick 🥳🎂🎁
(Our human is sorry for our absence on here. She broke her hand and has a hard time typing.)

Happy #NationalPuppyDay! Here are some snaps from Mia’s first trip to @petco a couple weeks ago when we bought our human @katieisbell a new betta fish because all of hers died while our family went to Colorado. (Also, our human is sorry for our absence, she is busy with college.)

It’s my birthday!!!!! I am three years old today! I had a princess party with my family over the weekend and I got a cake with glitter on it! I also got some new toys. “Happy Birthday” is my favorite song in the world so I just love birthdays. - Mia 🥳🎂🎈🎁
(The happy birthday hat in the second picture is a tradition in our family - all of us doggies wear it on our birthday. First it was Brooke, then Nick too and now me as well!)

I’m a handsome little man. - Nick

Greeting our mama last night when she got home from work! We are juuuust tall enough to see out of the screen door on our hind legs. Sometimes we (mostly Nick when @katieisbell comes home from college) get so excited to see someone that’s coming that we hop up and down a little. Our back door is the perfect lookout! We make a very fierce and intimidating pair of guard dogs. 😉

Mia stole my crate this morning. I was very sad and pitiful about it. (Even though her crate is four feet from mine and we swap all of the time.) (And there were four dog beds and an entire couch in the next room.) (My crate is my room okay.) - Nick

Our mama caught us sharing Mia’s crate this morning! We told her it’s a Norfolk Terrier fort, no humans allowed!

Mama got me and Nick a new toy. It’s a sloth and we named him Macaroni. I have also claimed Macaroni as mine and don’t want to share him with anyone, even @scottisbell_. - Mia

The long weekend is here! Time for a three day nap. - Mia

I almost forgot to wish my other valentine @scottisbell_ a happy love day! This is when he flew to Texas to see me when I was competing in a bunch of dog shows. (I’m a champion, and my fancy name is Santa Maria.) He is my favorite boy-human. - Mia ☺️❤️

My valentine is my @katieisbell. She is my favorite human and I love her sooo much. (Maybe even more than TV, but don’t tell her I said that.) This is us when I was like a year old for #throwbackthursday. I was a master of the baby face. Actually I still am! Happy Valentine’s Day!!! 💕 -Nick

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