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Happy Mother's Day to my lovely mother xxx seen here marrying my lovely father . 1953 .
She shocked her new in laws by requesting an arc welding kit as one of her wedding presents . She would weld together found pieces of metal to make sculptures.

I was in Parliament last week trying to explain to MP @matthancockmp the potentially devastating impact Brexit will have on the Fashion industry. Just think about the geo history of a typical garment : the cloth is imported to the UK from Italy , then the same cloth is sent to Portugal for dyeing , then back to Italy for cutting , then to Poland for embroidering back to the UK to be sewn , often by European seamstresses, and then is shown on the catwalk in London and then sent to Paris be sold . How is this going to be possible if we don't have free trade and free movement of goods and people between this country and Europe ?
The meeting was just one hour long and only about 8 of us got to speak , about the effect on the foreign students in our colleges , the huge bureaucratic problems getting models into this county , the legislation concerning IP rights , the impossibility of obtaining visas for graduates, but even for these hugely complex topics we got just a couple of minutes each ! So many areas not talked about ! Considering Fashion brings in 28 Billion into the UK economy every year ( more than car manufacturing !) one hour felt just like a token meeting so the Government could say they had listened to the Fashion industry ! There were no government advisors present and no Labour MPs . It just felt like a PR stunt . Brexit will substantially and possibly catastrophically damage the UK fashion industry but yet there is virtually nothing being done to come up with solutions or to really listen to the huge and complex problems we will face . One hour for the 3rd biggest industry in the U.K. is derisory and pitiful ! There needs to be proper consultations and meetings on every aspect of this . Not two quick minutes . With respect , the Government do not understand the Fashion industry at all , how on earth are they going to write the legislation to protect it ? Please write and tell your MP how it will affect you . They do not know and as of now there are no more meetings scheduled!

24 years ago today . Happy Birthday Emily , I love you ❤️. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Going through the Roses from my Garden box set with the help of @robrusling123 and @fionagourlay . So lovely to see them as prints .


Springtime has arrived in my garden .

We are the 48% who voted against Brexit and those who were not allowed to vote against it – the young and the EU nationals living, working and paying taxes in the UK. We are outraged by the government’s current direction in dealing with the result of the referendum.
​What is this all about?
​Fundamentally, we never wanted Brexit and this march is about making our voices heard. The voices of those who believe:
​ • It’s not okay to ignore us • It’s not okay to incite hate and divide communities • It is not okay to fail to protect EU nationals who work and pay taxes in the UK • It’s not okay for a handful of people to decide the future of many behind closed doors • It is not okay to lie and put futures at risk for political gain • It’s not okay for the old to decide the future of the young
If Article 50 if triggered, then we’ll do everything we can to limit the damage this government will be causing.
What do we want?
The government asked for our opinion, and now they’ve closed the doors. This is not okay. • We want our voices to be heard: an open conversation where the UK’s civil society is consulted and where Parliament will ultimately have the full power to decide for our future. • We want to remain a member of the Single Market. • We want to secure the benefits that the EU membership brings us. • We want a guarantee that the EU citizens already here will have the right to stay.

Why the 25th of March?

Unite for Europe is timed to coincide with the UK Government’s stated intention to trigger Article 50 by the end of March 2017.
March 25th 2017 is the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome, which established the European Economic Community.
What's the route?
We will be marching to Parliament. The exact route will be finalised when we have an indication of the number of marchers attending.
The march will begin at Park Lane outside the Hilton (London, W1K 7TN), or Trafalgar Square (London, WC2N 5DN) if you have a mobility restriction (see The March Route). Look out for updates here, on the Unite for Europe Facebook and Twitter accounts, and in the national press.

The beautiful @stellaluciadeopito for @alyxstudio .
Hair @eamonnhughes makeup @lauradomini2
Creative direction @matthewmwilliams
Production @prettybirdpic

End of this season so all change @showstudio .
@robrusling123 hard at work !!! Thanks Rob .

Work in progress. @girlchildd SHOWstudio.

DIY or die . @trigger___warning @ufokink and @girlchildd . Sunday afternoon @showstudio .

Natural Order . The wonderful @stellaluciadeopito in the woods modelling for @matthewmwilliams fantastic clothing brand @alyxstudio .
Hair by @eamonnhughes make up by @lauradomini2 nails @mikepocock styling @stellywood set by @tomotattle production by @prettybirdpic

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