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Nick Gains  🍧🍦🍧Product Director at: 🍧🍦🍧 🔻 South Street Ice Cream 🔻

Holy smokes it's #amarula ice cream being made by me to catchy advert music!!! #alcoholicicecream #icecreamdiet #boozey #liqueurs

This moment was pretty special to me. While selling ice cream on the riverside I gave a small scoop to this little girl. It was the first ice cream she had ever taken and enjoyed, as you can see by her cheeky grin and the amount on her hand 😊

I do still make ice cream, you know. Just follow the yellow/brown road! ⭐

It's the boys! I love these dudes. 🧒🧒🍨

'This changes everything.'
I'm 26 now. This is me after kulfi falooda and also me discovering that falooda has some kind of vermicelli noodle thing and it comes up your straw like spaghetti or worms 🍨🐛

We turned it from a banana into a peapod 🍌

This is my super secret stabilising powder 🤐 It's what keeps the milk, cream and sugar from freezing into a big block of ice ❄ I make my own from skimmed milk powder, dextrose, natural gums and carrageenan 👀

Help someone has yarn bombed my trees

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