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Let's all play the 'Where's Mason?'game.

I think my father-in-law has resorted to humouring me in the hope I'll go away.

What would he say now? Something we wouldn't expect I suppose, right after a very stiff drink.

There's just no way around it when dressed for riding, I look like an arsehole.

But this one goes to '11'.

Look at this bastard. Look at all that hair. I bet he didn't have to get up twice in the night to take a leak. I bet he doesn't pour over his cholesterol level test- I bet he doesn't know what a cholesterol level test is. Look at him, cocky fucker, thinks he knows it all doesn't he. Well he's got it all to come I tell you. Give it time, we'll wipe that look of that Bastard's face. Bastard.

Looking well, Steve.

Sam Harris doesn't normally make me laugh but I found this so brilliant, I thought you'd like it.

I watched Werner Herzog's documentary about capital punishment and the American justice system and the vibe is I should now hit this up. #algorithmsarethebest

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