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go vote for my dude @paulhart 's xgames part! link is in his bio. is this guy even still alive? call me paul!
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When I started at the Ace as a busser I could have counted the number of bars I had been to in my life on one hand. I knew nothing about spirits, cocktails, bar etiquette or anything in between. It didn't take long for me to realize that I wanted to to be back behind the bar. Here we are a year later; I set a goal and I reached it. I'm incredibly humbled and excited to be brought into the world of bartending at one of the most highly-regarded bars in Los Angeles surrounded by people who are truly professionals at their craft. If any of y'all are in Downtown LA today... come thru the rooftop 12-7. Its my first real day makin' drinks in this bitch 🤑

viviendo entre los muertos

discussing real estate

went from bussing tables, to barbacking, to bartending. thanks for everything @acedtla

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