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Nick Broms  @muirskate @ronintrucks @cuei_wheels @gmr.skateboards @adrenalinaskate @rogersbrosdh @holesom Get the video of Collin and I to 3 million views⬇️

Tucking my arm back behind me on my fastest qualifying run at Verdicchio! It's crazy how much the little things add up... Thanks for the rad picture @thom_hlss !

Quarter finals at Verdicchio in Italy!!! Had a rowdy run, almost got knocked off my board mobbing into the first corner set... Killed it with the photo @thom_hlss

Hyped on qualifying 5th in Open, and 1st in Juniors at Verdicchio Race in Cupramontana, Italy!!! Racing is gonna be super close. Really enjoying my time here, food is amazing and it seems like there is endless gelato. Been on this "trip" for about 5 weeks now, at Verdicchio till the 29th, then to Venice to play tourist! 6 weeks is a long time.

🅱oolin' on the line for Junior Finals... Still too stoked on that W!!

Kicking off at #kozakovchallenge2018
This road is an awesome race track, and I have a lot to learn down it! Way too hyped to be the top qualifier and winner of the Junior Category!!! Very eager to do some more racing in Italy. Spent last night in Prague and started driving around 11 am, now it's 3 am and we are a few hours out from the campsite. See you soon Verdicchio. Thanks for the shot @boarding_media

@muirskate and @adrenalinaskate collaborating to support the growth of the scene!!! If you are in Southern California, don't hesitate to show up and level up! If you have any questions hit up either me, Muir Skate, or Adrenalina Skate through direct message.

Qualifying was today. Took the top spot for juniors and top 25 in Open. Not bummed at all about my performance but know I could have put a faster lap on the table. Got a trick up my sleeve thanks to @gomeslessa... Now let's see how racing goes!!! PC @ladanayevo

Giving @gomeslessa a big ol' head slam while entering the long straight at Kozakov Challenge 2018!!! Having way too much fun here, the track is too good. Took some crazy runs with the Cuej Team and I'm getting antsy to race and qualify! Thanks for the shot @pepelaporte !

Filmed a spicy run down Highway with @couchslide a bit ago and it has 800k+ views, let's get it to a million!!! Link in bio, thanks for filming @boarding_media PC @_hjaneadventures

Super hyped on being able to take a few rips at Pasul Vulcan, worked out a few kinks before going racing at Kozakov!!!! Feeling prime on my @gmr.skateboards Pro Tucker, @ronintrucks mini katanas and @cuei_wheels 80a Killers with @skapelongboards Ceramic Bearings, all of which held together with @rogersbrosdh hardware and dagger footstop. Took a pretty gnarly fall at 60+ in the top straight one of the days and I'm stoked I somehow didn't get seriously injured!!! Thanks for the footage @boarding_media and @devastationlongboardcrew !#holesompucks #adrenalinaskate #muirskate #cueiwheels #skapebearings #rogersbrothers #gmrskateboards #ronintrucks #factorybushings

Baloo from the Straja Freeride will be missed 🐻 Really enjoying Romania, everything is dirt cheap here. Just got out of the highest mountain passes in Romania (Transalpina Area) and chilling at the first race... Not quite sure if I'll be racing or not due to a foot injury, but we will see what happens! #tosendornottosend

Here is a photo of some river in Timisoara, haven't had any good service to post anything, but I've been skating in Romania for about a week now. It's amazing here. Serious thanks to @theelbeasto @muirskate @adrenalinaskate @cuei_wheels @gmr.skateboards @ronintrucks @holesom for getting me out here!!! Crazy stoked for the next month and a half of camping every night. Almost finished up with the @devastationlongboardcrew Straja Freeride and it has been nothing short of rad. Hoping for some dry weather in the weeks to come!!!

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