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Nick Rector  Jesus Freak | Married to @jrose.rector | @awakenthedawnmvmt Leadership | Director of | Inquiries email:

Red Strat.

Red Stu. @stueman

Normal Saturday with the kids.

•Legendary console from the 60’s ✔️
•Three other consoles just for the fun (color) of it ✔️
•Dozens of actual studio grade mics with options for any tone ✔️
•Enough outboard gear to get lost all day smashing knobs making things sound like they are exploding✔️
•Vintage mics ✔️
•More vintage mics that are near irreplaceable ✔️
•Don’t get us started on the analog synths✔️
•Oh you have cool plugins? Send us your list first so we don’t have to type out our entire list ✔️
•Peaceful studio nestled in the Virginia backwoods ✔️
•Record label/production house existing in the middle of a community hosting night and day worship for 10+ years, National worship & prayer, global missions, a local church community ✔️
•Huge industry partnership just signed but we’ll wait to tell you details NEXT WEEK ✔️
•The power chord was intended here in 1958, you’re welcome music world. Don’t mess with Virginia✔️
FM has been saying the same message for years and though it’s awesome that SO many other similar formats are emerging out there, I feel bummed sometimes when seeing people promoting and pushing something that at the end of the day is costing artists thousands of dollars, putting them into debt and frankly not answering on the promises of their brand. We’ve been offering the complete package front to back and now more than ever are we excited about the possibilities that we can present to artists in the “release” phase of their projects. By God’s Grace we’re stepping out HARD in the next season with some pretty insane announcements. Stay tuned NEXT FRIDAY for an insane level announcement that’s going to impact everything we do, the artists we are called to serve and the songs and sounds we’ll get to help put a megaphone to as their sounds are amplified across the airwaves. —————————-
Got questions? Want to hear about what we do? Have a single, full length project or songs in your heart that you want to release with EXCELLENT production, songwriting, and reach? Email us!

Friday night

It is snowing. ❄️ ⛄️

Too funny

Baloo the worlds greatest cat. I will always remember Dennis the black prince that graced our lives years ago but Dennis had many flaws, like an inability to be comfortable in any room with a closed door (no clue why). Baloo is growing into a strong prince, capable of enduring my constant rough-housing, loud shrieks and oogling and is a great protector to our house in the days before we have an actual dog (Lord please soon). He is a gentle giant that has a 4.5 foot vertical leap (at least what I’ve been able to measure so far). He’s the best.



Just got hacked so now I’m blessing these people with posting the pictures they took. Please say as many things about these pictures as you want. @cynthiach34 @eyhostetter @1timster

Thanksgiving 102: Bocce Ball

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