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Nic Jackson  Check out this song/video I'm featured in, entitled "Brand New Vision" https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=69zuJHxbeUw

TONIGHT (Thursday) I’ll be doing my thing @blackrabbitrose in #hollywood with @ryancrossmusic and his band! We start at 10:30pm, so if you’re looking for something to do, I promise you THIS IS IT!!! I’m also welcoming all my fellow singers/players to bring your voices/axes and come sit in! That’s right! #openjam! Tonight is gonna be a party!!! Hit me up for guest list, or just show up! Either way, I’ll see you TONIGHT! #nicjacksonmusic #ryancross #lanightlife #hollywood #blackrabbitrose #livemusic #musicianslife #singerslife

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Hitting with @sensaelove at Seven Grand from 9pm till late with special guest, yours truly, @nicjacksonmusic on vocals! #losangeles #hollywood #dtla #livemusic #makeitfunky #musicianslife #singerslife #getyourfunkon

TONIGHT!!!! Come out to hear my boy @kosiemagee and his band @sensaelove! I promise you it will be lit!!! Great music! Not to mention I’m going to join them on a few songs! #sevengrand #sensae #nicjacksonmusic #velvetlight #losangeles #lanightlife #dtla #freeshow #prettygirls #whiskey #thursdaymotivation

Here’s a couple throwback pics of important women in my family (I wish I had more pics on my phone). The first pic is of my mom(far right) and auntie (center) back when they had their girl group in the late 1960’s & early 1970’s, Sound Stage # 1. That’s Carlita on the left (A Taste of Honey’s original guitarist, before Hazel Payne), and above center is my mother and auntie’s mentor Deloris Blunt (now Deloris Sheen). I told you this singing show-business thing is in my blood! Second pic is of my Grandma Jewel and my mom, sometime in the late 70’s or early 80’s, way before I was born! #internationalwomensday #tbt

#tbt Easter Sunday at our brand new house in Folsom, nineteen ninety-something... 😂 Here I’m posing with my older brothers and our cousin, little Fred! Finally, someone smaller than me that I could beat up! I was tired of getting my ass kicked by my big brothers all the time! 😂#family #brothers #cousins #backintgeday #sundaybest

#tbt Back when I used to spend my summers in LA so my Auntie Janice could record my vocals! Once my mother discovered I could sing, it was never a question as to what I wanted to be when I grew up! Check out my then two year old cousin @jp_flows getting down on the pots and pans! I literally taught him EVERYTHING he knows today! #justsaying 🤷🏾‍♂️ 😂#cousins #family #music #itsinourblood #mybirthright #thisiswhatwedo

#tbt All the way back to middle school, with my cousins @porschaltoney and @knighted_wheeler. I think we were about to go to my brother’s graduation in this pic. I need to get to Virginia and Atlanta to visit these two! #family #cousins #backintheday #late90s

I’m on day three of my fast, and right now, Pornhub ain’t got shit on THIS!!! 😂😩😂😩#foodporn #icantwaittoeat #fasting

After my gig Sunday night with @loudasfunkband, my boy @heisx.a.vier gave me more than a few charts of classic Marvin Gaye material! He said he was going to throw them out since the gig he needed them for was over! He thought I might appreciate them, and boy he was NOT wrong!!! Here’s me shedding “What’s Happening Brother” for the first time last night! I remember when I first got to LA, I couldn’t play piano, or even read a chord chart! Can’t wait to perform this somewhere live! #marvingaye #whatshappeningbrother #whatsgoingonalbum #shed #practice #latenight #soul #motown

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We’re back! Come kick it this Thursday at Seven Grand at 9 pm! •

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Happy Valentine’s Day to the only woman I’ve ever been in love with! I know we’ve only been together a year and a half, but boy have WE tested each other in that short amount of time! 😂 Can’t wait to see you tonight!!!

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Check out my boy @jamalljrobinson and his new single from his debut album Trials & Tribulations: The R&B Musical FT @briancade1 @budjudge, YOURS TRULY, @nicjacksonmusic, @lifeofbecktoria @kevonwilliams The album is produced by @robeyee visuals coming soon to a TV near you hope y’all ready for this musical drama 🙏🏿 we working hard to bring back real music 🎶 check out Chapter 1, 2, & 3 On @irockmusicapp and all other music streaming services

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