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Nicholas Owen  I tell stories and go on adventures. NOTV uses social media as a platform to disseminate content to people on the go.

Suited. Booted, and on a private tour of Rio's Olympic Park before it opened. I dragged that boot across the world last year. 😂 #tbt #24yrsold #iBetYouAre

💀😂. Look how they just up and replace the real Tommy, my idol. #tomatolatrine 😂😂😂 #theblaze RIP

If you want them coins you better stick to the script girl. #tomilahren 'banned permanently' 😂 🤡 NOtV

A lesson for all of us. An issue that should be explored based on the root cause and not sensationalized. #NoFakeNews because I bet everyone will forget about the issue next week. Repost. @annalysagayle #dcornothing

Looking at food 🍴

There is a lot of misinformation. What's interesting is that there isn't an uptick in missing person cases related to people of color, it's that we are just now paying attention. Most of these young women are runaways and if abducted or a run away it likely involves abuse at home. We have to pay more attention to mental, physical, sexual abuse in our communities abuse, but also the accuracy of information. Thanks @annalysagayle. Stats located within information below.

When I was in high school, I often used to dream about growing up. I thought 30 was light years away. Having the opportunity to speak to @becomher's class with @livefromkenya about curiosity, creativity, and connection through the art of the the Interview was refreshing. No matter how old you get or how far you deviate still stick to those dreams you had when you were young. Mutually beneficial. Humbled. The network is strong. #HowardUniversity . #coolkids

To witness people you went to school create a company that redevelops houses in forgotten communities...#remarkable . But to have someone in the same network to close on one of those houses...#unforgettable . This is what the #HowardUniversity network is all about. Congrats to Chase Street Partners and @kylerichard_kh for taking it to the next level. #BigPeopleMoves #HU

Man o man we were pretty lucky. 😉

Trinidad I miss you bad. #trinidadcarnival2017

The 10 week Réseau Docteur Summer Mentorship Program will take place from June 5th - August 7th. If you know anyone that would benefit from this program, tag them! The task is minimal but the results could be enormous. ***Visit @reseau_docteur & click the link in bio to learn more*** Réseau_Docteur - Capturing Minority Excellence. Join our Network
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