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Martha Nichols  God is great. I am blessed. 🙌🏾 My grandmother is my bestfriend. My mother is my hero. ♥️ I am an artist. I speak life and dance. Proverbs 3:5-6

Looking through old footage and found this from 2014. #fbf to hair 😩(what’s happening up top there Martha?), living in LA and class days at the OG @mdcdancecomplex I believe this was @candancebrown and my first collaboration together. Also always a good time dancing with @rebbirosie @dannieboston @karonlynntv and shoutout to @mightymykell for putting his face in the camera hahaha #class #ikindamisstakingclassallday #thislookshard #ilovedance

Trump signing the executive order is a small victory in the war on human rights. This order prevents more families from being ripped apart but addresses NOTHING dealing with those already separated. Authorities are saying there’s a high probability that those children already torn from their families will NOT be reunited with their families. THIS IS NOT OKAY! We are not done fighting. We have to keep speaking up until there is not only ACTION but a change in mindset. We have to want to change. We must also acknowledge our country’s history to learn from it. By refusing to ACCEPT our past, we repeat it and rename it. This is not new. The discrimination in this country has simply evolved to fit the structure and narrative that is present day. I keep seeing and hearing people say that “this isn’t my America.” “I don’t recognize this America.” You don’t recognize her because you’ve never known her. *************************************
Maya Angelou wrote her poem ‘America’ over 40 years ago and it is still relevant today. #thisisamerica

It’s not just what you go through but how you come out of it. Don’t come out your storm the same way you went in. #grow #finishwell #staystrong #jesus

This group of people ☺️ much love, respect and laughter. A genuine great time. Gahhh, I thoroughly enjoyed sharing space, stage, and art with each of you. ♥️ Thank you @nopenother for bringing us together, @nikolevallins @bradbauner for holding us down, and @dansencore for having us! #troisrivieres #ilovedance

Dancing with Mandy always feels right. Challenging hahaha but right. Always. I love her, her moves, and the people she brings together. She’s the GOAT.🙌🏾 Thank you for being you @nopenother, thank you for being the example, and thank you for an amazing class. I love you!! ♥️♥️ #ilovedance

My morning brought tears from deep sadness and reaffirmed longing. My afternoon brought laughter from reminiscing and people sharing stories about you. Resolute. Steady. Bold and True. Emotionally nurturing and spiritually abundant. You are joy and grace. My first and greatest Champion. My guide. My heart. I am because of you and that is a privilege! I hope to one day be a fraction of all that you are and live by example. I love you deep mommy. Happy Mothers Day! ♥️ #happymothersday #ilookcaught #hergriptellsmeiwastryingit #shelookslikeshesdaringmetoactout #ilooklikeimpreparingtoactout haha #lookathertightjaw #grittedteeth #thatchurchthreat

Screaming Happy Birthday to the best dancer in the bunch! We all get our skills from her. I hope today is a bop! I love you Kels!! @kels_russ also this is the Kels I danced with to Kids in America Hahahaha you’re a hero!

You guys...I love dance. Really and truly. She (dance) has always been right by my side until I realized we are one and the same. Its not all I am, but it is a huge portion of who I am. To think of my life without dance is impossible. To me, dance is an experience, its where 7yr old Martha and 30yr old Martha meet and move as one. It is joy, it is pain, it is limitless and specific. Dance is freedom. It’s that wondrous moment of being completely lost and yet knowing exactly where you are. Dance is worship, dance is life, dance is home. It is an honor to call myself a Dancer and my spirit excites at the opportunity to forever be one. 😌 I’m thankful to have spent my #internationaldanceday teaching and dancing with loved ones. Special shout out to @willloftis for the genuine friendship and good times since our days in the Greenville ballrooms hahaha and an incredible jazz class today! I love you!!!! And I love you all!!! HAPPY INTERNATIONAL DANCE DAY! ♥️☺️♥️ #dance #twirl 📸 @leegumbsphotography

Thought I’d join in the fun! #FirstHeadShot back in 1994 I think hahaha 😊 #myheadisthesamesize #myhatsarestilltoobig #oldheadshotday

Today I started my morning with God and He gave me a few things to remember. Life, no matter how hard, confusing, or is a gift. To wake up everyday is blessing. To do what you love for a living with people you enjoy is Grace. Im continually inspired by my colleagues to be greater. It is a beautiful space...where you’re lifted and humbled simultaneously. I don’t take it for granted. Thank you @nuvodanceconvention. It truly is an honor. So much love and admiration to you all! ♥️🙏🏾

God is truly amazing. 🙌🏾 Thank you @myappetite and @danceteachermagazine for featuring me on the cover of your April issue! And thank you to @dailydancerdiet @cacdance1 and @drrizzuto for your kind words. What a privilege it is to have a story to share and an honor to be given the platform to do so. This is a blessing, I am blessed and my gratitude knows no bounds. I hope that something in here inspires you to keep fighting for your dream until your dream creates a space that only you can fill. So much love to you all! ♥️🙏🏾 Ephesians 3:20
📸 @jimlafferty 💄@marcwitmernyc

Hopped back on real quick to say it’s been an incredible first season with @nuvodanceconvention! Here are the dates for next season! I hope to see you there! ♥️ #letsdance

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