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Nichole Lillian Ryan  ⠸◉◡◉⠸ 💖Sharing joy through the world of weebeasts © 🍿Shop update: monYAY! 3/6 12pm ET ☮️ Shop, weemail, FAQ + CONTACT via website

This is Nobvi, he is the first of the weebeast dream series!
He is a signal dream weebeast, now at first glance he may seem a little scary but he's just trying to get your attention and give you some help with something that you might be missing or not seeing. His earth treasure and source of life is a Quartz. ☁️💎🔮
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🐻☕️Custom coffe bear cutie for @kushandkandie he's all cozy and ready to go home and go for some joy rides! Loved making him for you he's a doll thank you 🤗☕️☕️☕️🐻🐻🐻

Teeny mug! 🐻☕️👀
(Custom for @kushandkandie )

Custom bb weebeast for @kushandkandie 👀✨ ☕️ 🐻

Today is a good day for another weebeastified! @raspbbeary 's cute kitty has been weebeastified! Who will be next?! 💕
If you'd like the chance to have one of your photos weebeastified use the hashtag #weebeastifyme (MUST have a public account so I can see it)
I can't guarantee that all of them will be used but it's all a part of the fun! I hope you enjoy these because they are quite fun to make! Wishing a happy day to all of you thank you! ☮️💕🍿
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Have a derpy day!✨🤗🍊#weesharejoy

✨Thank you all so much for the love and support you share with me, the weebeats and to each other!
🤗Everyone of you are an amazing part of this community and I'm happy you're here.
❤️The likes, comments, tags, shares and adoptions means so much and heck, even if you don't ever do any of those I hope the webeasts do what they do and share some joy into your life!
I still remember when they would be waiting in the shop waiting to find their forever homes...
Thank you
P.s. Edit all packaged and ready to go ! Bbs come with leaves and bigs come with eggs 💕

🍊💜The giggle of weebeats for adoption for today's update (15 mins info in bio) there will NOT be any customs this update. I will be out of town part of next week and don't want to rush anything. There WILL be customs in the following update for those of you wondering. thank you so much for the love you share to me....happy MONYAY! #sharejoy 🤗☮️💕🍿

💜🔮✨Violet and her specimen card ✨🔮💜 today is the shop update (2/20) sent the weemailout this morning - for those of you that have questions and having the best chances at getting one of these please see my FAQ it's full of helpful advice to help you! Thank you! If you have any questions not covered I'll add them in please leave a comment 🤗💕