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NICHOLAS MEGALIS  I'm a dad, husband, and musician. I sing EVERY day. Seriously! Follow me! #singeveryday P.O. Box 60974 Pasadena, CA 91116

The Smell of Diapers by Simon & Fartfunkle. #ihaveofficiallylostmymind #singeveryday #day82 ➡️ Ps! Every time you guys TAG YOUR FRIENDS, It shares the Megalis family's work and helps keep us going as content creators and human beings so Pleeeeease share! Thank you! ⬅️

REST IN PIZZA 😭😢🍕💀 ➡️tag someone who would still eat it doe⬅️ #singeveryday #day81

Nursery Rhymes For Adults!!! 😭😂😵WARNING: Inappropriate language!!✨TAG A FRIEND!✨ #singeveryday #day80

If you can successfully find one thing wrong with Jake Gyllenhaal, I will personally PayPal you $100. Leave your comment and tag below for a chance to win actual money. People call me crazy. Maybe I am. Follow me for daily music!! I ❤️ you. #day79 #singeveryday


Hey, don't judge me. I need to eat too, y'know. She was sleeping. It was a perfect opportunity to attempt to eat my sandwich. A mere fifteen seconds after this video was taken, she awoke very confused and very mad at her poor dumb hungry dad for almost getting mustard on her soft spot. 😭TAG😂 SOMEONE WHO IS GOING TO MAKE A WEIRD PARENT. #day78 #singeveryday

This guy kinda looks like @Eminem sorta. And although this MAY CAUSE SOME CONTROVERSY: I also just want to say that Eminem is the greatest rapper of all time and Donald Trump is the worst president of all time. Thank you all! 💋 #day77 #singeveryday

I wrote this for my wife. Hi, @ameerabelle. At one point in our lives, you weren't my wife yet. You were my girlfriend. And before that, we hadn't even met. I can't believe that there was ever a time when you weren't in my life. I never knew what was missing. But it is almost hilariously clear now. It was you. Thank you for everything, mama. I love you more than all the blades of grass. (Illustration by @aliciaherber) #day76 #singeveryday

I caught this down at the watering hole. Can anyone identify the species? Thanks! #day75 #singeveryday

I wrote this little piece of music just out of pure bafflement that this man has ANY room to make comments on ANYONE's appearance. ❤️TAG EVERYONE YOU LOVE❤️ Thanks for listening! #day74 #singeveryday

Maybe if I SING this Easter reminder for myself...I will remember to not stuff my face with Easter treats until I'm physically incapacitated tomorrow. ❤️❤️❤️TAG A FRIEND WHO LOVES HAM🍖🍖🍖. #thirdeyeblind #easter #parody #day73 #singeveryday

Nap monsters. 👹👹 ❤️ @ladymegalis

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