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Now I'm bout to make them tuck they whole summer in.
They say I'm crazy, well, I'm 'bout to go dumb again.

People look at you strange, say you changed. Like you worked that hard to stay the same. .
Nothing like taking a weekend off to relax and spend time with my brothers @kevinbeltran & @bryan_beltran. Family isn’t only defined only by last names or blood, it’s defined by commitment and love. Wish @xericx07 & @djelb809 were here with us.
This trip has reminded me that you need to reward yourself every so often. Treat yo’ Self. Can’t wait to get back and zero in on my goals.

When you see this 😏 you know we’re about get down. 🕺🏾
These past few have been such a blessing.
Thanks to all that have supported me. 🙏🏾 📷: @maddix

My ❤️ Big
But it Beat Quiet.
Hope everyone enjoys Valentines Day with their Loved ones.

A couple shots from a few weeks ago at @TideUp305 w. @djatrain | @BlackbirdOrdinary
📸 👉🏾 @RadSkillz

“I can't take no threats, I got a set of twins. Those were just the words you'll never hear again.” #TBT dedicated to my days at #londoncallingfridays / #setmiami

I refuse to accept other people's ideas of happiness for me. There is no “One Size Fits all” standard for happiness. Be true and be yourself, everything else will follow.

"Lord, we know who we are
Yet we know not what we may be
So maybe I'm the one or maybe I'm crazy”

Never tripping off the past
I would rather never mind ’em
Cause only fools trip over something that already be behind ’em.

No one is you and that is your Secret Power.


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