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I do have friends and associates as knowledgeable as me and some even more knowledgeable than me,this is for those who is ignorant and ain't on my level of knowledge but have nerve to think they smarter than me.

Hah Nigga whaaa lol


Playing some Pig

Mexicans are NATIVE Americans .They are NATIVE to the Americas .How can a people who was here first be illegal immigrants . Europeans only ones here illegally .The European terrorists illegally immigrated to america and with TERRORISTIC force stole the land .

Dont come back into my life you aint welcome.One thing I hate is wishy washy people

Not best picture cuz was dark used flash but had to get this.Dusa ,Tiger and Aaliyah

Threw rest of weed had sittin around s8nce quit smoking into the toilet

Daughter ate all my soup ,she a soup fiend

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