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Nicanor García  ⠀ Photographer ⦿ Traveler ✈︎ Architect ⌂⠀⠀

Gothic arachnid | Gótico arácnido #nicanorgarcia #travelarchitectures

Geometry and matter of the air | Geometría y materia del aire #nicanorgarcia #travelarchitectures #whpshapes Recovering heritage only for aesthetics may not make much sense. The building recovers the geometry and the material of the original facade, taking into account energy efficiency and sustainability. This renovation breathes new life into the old industrial heritage.

With the hairs on end | Con los pelos de punta #nicanorgarcia #travelarchitectures The English Gothic style is always present when walking the streets of Edinburgh, creating the feeling of living in the past, when in reality this sense is the city’s opportunity for the future.

Vital signs | Signos vitales #nicanorgarcia #travelarchitectures

Spaces for reflection | Espacios de reflexión #nicanorgarcia #travelarchitectures The weather in the Faroe Islands surprised me with its sudden changes. Throughout the day the rain, the clouds, the sun and the wind changed the light and modeled the landscape, making it look and feel constantly different. This aspect, along with the fact that the days are long at this time of the year, made me feel that several days were combined in each day.

Domino dancing | Baile dominó #nicanorgarcia #travelarchitectures Beyond the Old Town and the New Town, there are other neighborhoods that are more picturesque and just as interesting, for example these houses in a row #ad #uncoveredinburgh @thisisedinburgh

Paper cobwebs | Telarañas de papel #nicanorgarcia #travelarchitectures At the west end of Princes Street is St. John’s Church from where there’s a great view of the Castle of Edinburgh. It has a really splendid ceiling #ad #uncoveredinburgh @thisisedinburgh

House of toothpicks | Casa de palillos #nicanorgarcia #travelarchitectures The National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, is composed by the new Museum of Scotland and the Royal Museum. They have collections about science, technology, natural history and world cultures. The Royal Museum has different courtyards with a delicate metallic structure #ad #uncoveredinburgh @nationalmuseumsscotland @thisisedinburgh

Edinburgh light festival | Festival de luz de Edimburgo #nicanorgarcia #travelarchitectures Princes Street is the main commercial street in Edinburgh, but the shops are only on one side, giving people the opportunity to see the old city on the other side of the street with Edinburgh Castle as a reference #ad #uncoveredinburgh @thisisedinburgh

Woman and earth | La mujer y la tierra #nicanorgarcia #travelarchitectures The scale of nature in the Faroe Islands is so big that I was overwhelmed. But thanks to the tunnels connecting all 18 islands, it’s possible to explore them easily.

Reflections game | Juego de reflejos #nicanorgarcia #travelarchitectures The architecture in the Faroe Islands is simple and charming. There are no tall buildings and the houses are located on the slopes of the mountains, giving the scale of the landscape, or on the coast as in the capital of the islands, Tórshavn.

Between two waters | Entre dos aguas #nicanorgarcia #architecture These islands have being a real discovery, a place full of beauty and interesting places to explore.
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