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Nick Johnston  Constantly learning to love Jesus, serve my wife, play with my dog, and enjoy my city. When I'm not doing those things I'm probably playing Destiny.

A few chemical burns later I managed to get all of the dried adhesive off and finally got to start sanding the top of this bad boy. Next I need to start stripping the paint off of th silver plating. #cp70

It's crazy to think that you've been my Valentine for 8 years now and yet every year I grow to love you more. I'm thankful for your unconditional love and acceptance. You constantly encourage and challenge me, you always push me towards Jesus. Thanks for being my wife despite my sin. Love you @laurajohnston10

Kept working on removing layer after layer of leather and adhesive and spent some time sanding the back and side of this beast. Excited to see more progress!

Excited for warmer weather that brings me back to this amazing place. #atthedrivein #thebigmo

Working on restoring this awesome beast of a piano. It's going to take a lot of work to get it looking pretty but there is a ton of potential underneath all of that leather. I'm going to try my best to showcase the process, hopefully I can find a photo of what it used to look like.

I'll take any chance I can to take photos of this hottie.

There are few people I am more proud of than my sister Macall. Not only is she my sister but she is my twin, so we have a unique bond and friendship. Although, we don't always get along, I absolutely love her. I am so grateful for the woman Jesus has grown her to be and yesterday, she said yes to her high school sweetheart. I know engagement is going to be a tough season but I know it will continue to grow her to be more like Jesus. I'm excited for our families to walk through life together. I hope that Laura and I can be there for you guys as you walk through engagement. Jonathan I hope you're ready for the challenge that is my sister. Laura and I loved getting to do a quick engagement session with you guys!

I have the best sidekick ever.

Happy Birthday to me.

Here's another still from Catie & Robert's wedding. This building was 🔥

Had a blast celebrating with Robert & Catie's wedding today! It was great to meet new people and to shoot in a new city. Also, they made this Bentley look good.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to take this photo of my friend and coworker Steve. Yesterday, I arrived to work and found out that Steve had passed away.
Words can not accurately articulate how much this man has supported our staff and our church family. He was a father figure to almost all of us in some regard. As we mourn the loss of a friend we also praise Jesus for welcoming one of his beloved saints home. We know how excited you are to be with Jesus in Heaven. Steve leaves behind a legacy of devout love for Jesus and incredible intentionality with people. Through the Holy Spirit, he leveraged everything he had to pursue people and make them feel loved. Steve we love you and we are so thankful you chose to spend your last year with a bunch of broken sinners like us. We'll make sure to keep passing on all that you taught us. You truly helped me to love Jesus more than I thought was possible. Till next time friend.