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Nicolas Nadeau  International figure skater

Shoutout to @sk8mixhugo for his amazing art piece! After the 14th version and 2 remix, I think my long program music really can't get any better now! Let's rock it out in 5 weeks at France Grand Prix!

I don't stop when it's friday. I only stop when I'm done! #saturdayworkout @skate_canada

One pair, two bros, triple the fun!

That isn't exactly the way I thought my friday training would end! #flattire

I used to be amased when my dad did this trick! He tough me how to carry on the legacy! #sidewheelie

Ferociously attacked by a butterfly! #boatlife
Thanks for the invite @elixabethlachance

Couldn't go to the U.S. without taking the time to visit my favorite skater @pepinalexandra 😉

Watched the Olympic when I was young and @vchipeur was the guy that made me wanna skate. What a chance I had to meet him and side by side #backflip with him!

sick vacation!

Tendez le bras pour la santé du petit Natan!

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