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after months of hard work, it’s finally here! @mosaicmsc released this piece of art called HEAVEN and it is absolutely beautiful. they took risks. they changed the game of worship music. they created every song to be so unique, that God could speak to a different type of person with each track. you need to listen to this album now, i promise you will be just as blown away as i am. thank you @mosaicmsc for using music, art, and creativity to change people’s lives across the world. ❤️

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TESSIE! thank you for leading the creative team with a boldness that never stops pushing us forward, never settling for anything less than excellence, and for unintentionally matching at least 2-3 times a week. ILY. 👯‍♀️

when the whole team is down for the sunrise drive. ILY ALL. 💛
#mosaicxphoto | #thefilmarchives

still hasn’t responded to their texts/posts photo of them on ig. 💕

summer consisted of spending all $$ on film, 6am shoots, and calling @bransantos 20+ times to wake up. HOW IS IT ALREADY ALMOST OVER/WHERE DID THE TIME GO??

that one time #mosaicxphoto took over joshua tree, and @tommylundberg told me to climb a rock, and made @austinstjohn hide in between two other rocks the whole time bc #anythingfortheshot. and then i almost slipped, and austin snapped a photo.

#mosaicxphoto | #thefilmarchives

okay you two win for most epic first dance of all time. 💍

sweet crystal. #thefilmarchives

I love their story. I love that God used Mosaic and dance to bring these two together. And that I got to see my past and present worlds collide halfway across the globe to celebrate these two amazing humans. Thank you @gabriveee and @vinh for letting me capture your special day. ❤️

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