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Nià The Light  Zimbabwean | British | Gemini creator of @happyFROday & @gowiththeFROtour Above & Bey | MiLK London | Ice Cape Town 💌: niathelight@gmail.com


Sending you all 💗& ✨! It's the last weekend of February. Are you ready for the magic of March? Are you ready to receive your blessings? I'm doing a very special take-over on my Instagram tomorrow with @curlpop_n_hair celebrating Queendom so tune in! 👑💓Cc: @rock_yo_rizos #NiaTheLight ~ #CurlChopNHair #BigChopSeason ~

Living my BEST manifested life! No shoes, living in a bikini and cycling through these streets. 👣👙🚴🏽‍♀️ Hahahah, but the gag is I currently have a scarf on right now in 3 degree weather. 🌞🦋🌱💗🌺 Filmed by my darling @iskra #NiaTheLight 🎶: Saib - Pablo

Happy 1 month Anniversary to me! 🌱💗 The last 31 days without my hair have been beyond fulfilling. Stripping off my source of confidence and validation allowed me to embark on a new journey of self love and confidence. It was no longer about the exterior but about the interior. I have been learning that although beauty is a magical thing, your soul needs to be fed with the right people and the right energy too. Waking up a little later and not having to invest 2 hours every wash day into my hair but into my wellbeing really emphasized how obsessed I was with this idea of perfection that didn't exist. I remember this day like it was yesterday, it was my rebirth and I'm so happy to have had the amazing @Aerie by my side on this journey to support it all. 🎀💕 Cc: @evahaftmann #AeriePartner #NiaTheLight

I was so nervous when boarding my flight knowing that I wouldn't have the thing I relied on for confidence to shoot with @Aerie! But a few prayers and trusting that I was meant to be here soothed my soul. It's been almost a month and I've never felt more like a woman. I've never felt more free and more happy. You don't need that "thing" to define your beauty. You don't need to fit the mould that's comfortable for everyone else besides yourself. You are allowed to grow, to cut your hair, to stop wearing make-up, to wear make-up, to dress as vibrant as the sun or to dress in sweats. Do what YOU want and what makes you happy! Your beauty comes from within and the journey to finding it will be full of so many magical experiences, growth and changes. Enjoy every step and always remember your worth. 💞🎀🌤 #NiaTheLight #AerieREAL

Hola Tulum! 🇲🇽
Beyond blessed to be here shooting with @aerie! My first campaign with short hair and I've never felt so good. 🌞🌱🎀💕 #NiaTheLight #AerieREAL

What are you reflecting on this beautiful Sunday? How was your week? Which lessons did you learn? 🌱🌺 -- I'm on a journey of self love and it's very exciting. Something I want to really focus on is being healthy so I'm challenging myself to '#NoMakeUpMarch' where I won't wear make-up for the entire month and vow to drink a litre of water a day. Are you with me? I can't wait to see the results and I haven't even started yet. 💦🌞 #NiaTheLight #NoMakeUpMarch

Strolls in the Medina 🍊
shot by @rock_yo_rizos

The power of light 🕶⚡️
Had a sick night at #LFW watching the @lorealpro and @universityofarts show with @evianwater! Thanks to @Asos for styling me 🖤 #NiaTheLight #AsSeenOnMe

Keeping it simple with my new hair journey, less is more with products. Thank you to #PanteneHair for pampering my baby curls. 👼🏽💕 They feel moisturised and so soft! #PanteneGoldSeries is a new line that has been developed for 15 years and is specifically designed for natural hair. You can get yours from @superdrugloves 🎀💓💕☁️ #StrongIsBeautiful #Ad Cc: @evahaftmann

Angel 🕶📵⚠️⚡️
Cc: @elsabarb_

I've been #FeedingMySkin with @Elemis since 2012 when my acne became so severe so when I got invited to this event I had a little fan girl moment. Thank you for having me! 🥒🥕🍏 #NiaTheLight #FeedYourSkin

Girl power is my favourite kind. 👾💜💟🔮🎀♊️🦄💓💖 -- thank you @Asos for inviting me and @sonnyturner___ in to shop for #LFW 🕶🖤 Cc: @darendixon ⚡️#NiaTheLight #AsSeenOnMe #ASOS

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