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Niamh  But you have to call me dragon.

We overheard someone go “AND they’re matching!” and it made our day. #WhoUs? @jakelinaxo_

Elphie, now that we’re friends I’m going to make you do the absolute most. (I’m still laughing about @sarahbledsoeofficial having to sit on a stool because she is THAT tall)

Usually when my drink matches my outfit it’s because I’ve spilled it all over myself. Thank you for changing this I’m obsessed. 💦

“Nice teeth and small hands and snuck me goodies I couldn’t afford then...”🥧💙 @mk_mcmanus

“Build a house up on that ass, that’s an ass’state”- my nanna

I really want to meet the person who wrote this

Whoever doesn’t get Gladys, gets Glynnis🎨

“Dear Agony Aunt, there are three women in my home and they kind of gang up on me. They don’t let me join in on matching outfits, or matching hairstyles (I know, but they should still ask) and they often crop me out of photos. Is there a way to approach this that doesn’t end with them thinking I’m calling them fat? - Wannabe-Honorary-Hen” '🐓

Blue jeans, no shirts, stayed outside too long and got our titties sunburned 🎼 #LoveThatSong

Shoutout to the all the friends that don’t get to be in the photo but still get tagged on a tree or whatever. #alwaysthebridesmaid

🌼best part of taking pictures in public is repeatedly telling myself “it’s okay, it’s okay, you will NEVER see all these people who are around again”🌸

Sharing is caring and kangaroos are T-Rex deer #wisdom #enjoy

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