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Nandos🐓  you're all a bunch of cunts

HEY GUYS. sorry I haven't been on in a really long time. I honestly got so busy that I forgot about this account. so, to make up for it, here's a picture of my hand wearing shoes. please enjoy

hi my name is Kylie.

I made a new account @mycriminiall follow it or die jkjk I won't kill u but rly. follow bc swag ~Kylie

OMG ZAYN BBY STAHP I CSNT BRESTHE jkjk I'm bored and this is old fuck out my face nigga deuces~Kylie

add me on Ruzzle sw3rv3nigga ~Kylie

Hi, I'm hacking your account because you can't get on a lot anymore. I also feel as though your followers deserve a funny picture because they love you and I do to. I hope you have fun with your naked dolls. I love you Kylie! ~ Maggie a.k.a. @louismeasureshispenis 😘

who can tell me what this is ~Kylie



who is interested in my social life? no one? ok brb crying ~Kylie

Liam needed a chair ~Kylie

Niall working out ~Kylie

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