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PUSSY MAGNET.👌  Natalie✌ Co-owner: Bryanna👌 Vagina doesn't bleed? GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN!🐱 Drunk finga point hay👆 6/2/12 💘 GOD BLESS WHOEVER MADE THIS VIDEO👇👇

Three weeks since we've posted? Wow. Sorry, guys. I just started high school and things have been insane. Anyone miss me? (; if you want to see more of me, I'll be on my regular account @xonatalieox more! <3

deep down, I am Napoleon. & Niall is Tina. #onedirection

it's been awhile. who missed me? lawlcatz, nobody. xo bby :* #onedirection

my younger step bro told me that Harry & I would make beautiful babies. Suck on that one. ;D ~Bryanna. #onedirection

I deserve Zayn's magical penis. I have had a long day of cramps & headaches. The least he can do is bang me. ~Bryanna #onedirection #zaynmalik

in the wise words of Carrie Underwood: "I wanna un-un-undo it!" ;D ~Bryanna. #onedirection #zaynmalik

PLL all day  #onedirection #larrystylinson

life goal: party at Funky Buddah with Andy & Maz. ~Bryanna. #joshdevine #andysamuels #Maz

1 2 3 g e t i n m e ! ~Bryanna #onedirection

Hai. I'm Bryanna (@harrysgurl13) I'm 15. & Zayn is 155615 inches *confirmed. TALK TO ME. :) #onedirection #louistomlinson

I wanna make love right na na na. ~Bryanna. #onedirection #harrystyles

DOLLA MAKES ME HOLLAA. ~Bryanna. #onedirection #niallhoran

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