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# ɪʀʀesɪsтɪвʟe  ❥3.5ĸ ʙօօʙeaʀs @ɴɪaʟʟʜօʀaɴвօօ & @тʜevampsx wօuʟd ʜe saʏ ʜe's ɪɴ ʟ-օ-v-e?

Narry <3 || Okay so I have some good news. The AT&T Internet fixer.. Guy.. Is coming to our house tomorrow to fix our Internet router (thing that connects everything in our house to the Internet) soo everything should be back to normal after he fixes it! 😄🎉🎈🎆 and on that good note.. Good night :) #onedirection #niallhoran #harrystyles

Okay so my Internet hasn't been working since last night so I didn't get to do the Harry spam last night but I will try to do it tonight. My dad called AT&T (our Internet people..) and they talked a lot and finally they said that they would pay for a new one or something like that so we should be getting a new one in sometime soon! :) but for right now my Internet is unpredictable and could just crash at any minute.. Ugh. #onedirection #harrystyles

Okay guys I was running late to school this morning so I didn't get to say good bye this morning and my Internet is still having problems.. Ugh. Why me. Well first off..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRY EDWARD STYLES! I hope you had a fantabulous day <3 who wants a mini harry spam? Comment below if you do 😊👇👇👇 #onedirection #harrystyles

I. Love. This. Picture. They all just look so flawless here 💕 || Good night! 😘 {cr: @harrythepussymaster } #onedirection

Have any of y'all seen their change your life music video? I can't cause only people who live in the uk can see it and I live in the us. 😑 Comment below if you've seen it an tell me what you thought about it 👇👇👇 #littlemix #perrieedwards

This picture is so freakin adorable <3 || Good night! #onedirection

Well today was a long day and this week is going by even slower. Anyone else agree with me? I'm just ready for the weekend! I wish it would come faster #onedirection #niallhoran

Haha yes 😂👌 || Good morning! Off to school, be back later! 👋 #onedirection

I'm done. I mean like seriously just look at this 😍 || Speaking of being done guess who's finally done with her research paper...? I AM! Yeah so the final draft is due tomorrow so I'm finally done!!! 🙏 now i should have more free time and everything! But um yeah I'm going to bed now sooo good night! 😘 #onedirection #zaynmalik

It's raining outside 💦 #onedirection #niallhoran

Too many feels right now. I mean just.. Asdfghjkl || Good night! #onedirection

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