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  Boxing Coach and Personal Trainer in UNIT 3: Health and Fitness, Naas

Great U-Box class last night in UNIT 3, well done everyone. The class is suitable for complete beginners as well as advanced boxers so if you would like to try it out just let us know. Every Mon, Tues and Thurs at 7pm in UNIT 3: Health and Fitness, Naas Industrial Estate, Fishery Lane.

Great session with Naas Rugby Club in UNIT 3 this weekend. Working on mobility, strength and conditioning.

This time last year I was honoured to get to witness one of the greatest feats I have seen so far. I got to go to the Connemara 100 Mile race to help my great friend Peter. This is a very honest event, the race will know whether you put in the work or not. It will strip you down to your soul and show you exactly who you are. From this experience I learned a lot that has stuck with me. 1. You are capable of far more than you realise - if you think you can do something and can see it in your mind you can do it, so set your sights higher and higher. Why settle? 2. Greatness either is a great team or has a great team - surround yourself with people who want you to succeed, look after those people, and together you will all go further that on your own. 3. You must pay in advance - the work always comes before the reward. No point saying "I will start training properly when I am the champion". Train, study, work, prepare like a champion now and then the rewards will follow.

To say that I am proud of this young man is an understatement. He came through a very challenging training camp with professionalism and dedication and on Saturday night put on a very composed and mature performance to move to 5-0 in the professional world. There will always be tests and obstacles and critics and the higher you want to go the bigger the challenges will get, but always remember that they are just tests. When they come it is a sign that you are almost there, just push past it and you get your reward.

Learn the rules...then break them! If you want to be in the top 1% then you have to do what 99% aren't doing. This applies to all of us in some shape or form. @garycully is next out on JUNE 30th in the SSE Belfast on the @mickconlan11 homecoming show. It is a huge night with some major talent on it, tickets will be gone fast so don't wait around.

My Dad boxing last night in UNIT 3. At 60 years old (don't tell him as said that!!) he trains here three nights a week as well as running twice and to me he is getting younger and more energetic rather than ageing prematurely. I am a firm believer than exercise and healthy living is for people of all ages, not just the young and that the benefits extend to all. Just find a good coach who will adapt any session and make it fun or find a good class suitable to your needs.

Coaching practice with @lilliestewartpt and @conorheaddpt in UNIT 3. I believe that as a coach you should regularly let yourself be coached as this allows you to see what it feels like for your clients/ athletes. You will see that sometimes you need something communicated to you in a different way or that people have different learning styles that you need to adapt to. Also very good way of up-skilling each other. Rey lucky to work with such great coaches.

Kids coming on really well. Keep the standards high with children and they will respond.

Much happier with my performance today in the Co. Kildare 5km. Two weeks ago I had a very poor race and didn't perform to my standards but today made up for it. What changed? Two words "responsibility" and "preparation". I took complete responsibility for my poor performance last time. It was my fault and no one elses. This then meant that I was in control of fixing this. I used the disapointment to fuel my preparation. I trained harder, rested more, ate better, took the time to visualise the race and get my mind ready and guess what? It paid off. 2nd place today and 52 seconds quicker overall. Seems that preparation actually does work, who would have thought? Whatever is important to you this week, an exam, an interview, a competition, your work, a date, a relationship, put more time and effort into it and see what happens

The brand new UNIT 3 Ultra glove has just arrived to HQ. We worked for monthsamd went through a number of prototypes to get this right and are delighted with the result. Not many left so if you want a pair drop in this week to collect them.

First 5km race of 2018 today and it went.....horrific!! It started off well, I was sitting in just behind the leaders and going okay but at the halfway point everything went downhill (except the feckin course unfortunately!). My legs felt weak, I struggled to breathe and my stomach was cramping. Then 'The Resistance' (the voice in your head which hates being out of your comfort zone) kicked in to tell me to quit. "Don't worry Niall, you can slow down and stop, sure it's not your fault, you have loads of excuses for why it isn't going well.... you didn't sleep well the last few have been working a lot so didn't train as's your first race of the year so no one will mind, lets just slow down...." The thing about it is....IT IS MY FAULT....If I accept the excuses then that is what they will be and I will learn nothing from this experience. However if I take 100% responsibility for how I felt then I can correct each of them and be better next time. I can improve; my sleep, my food, my work schedule etc. and I can feel better for the next one. Until you take complete responsibility and stop playing the blame game you won't have complete control over your life. I hope this helps.

Had a brilliant/ mad/ fun/ healthy/ mental day yesterday learning more about the Wim Hof method of breathing. The core teaching behind this is that we are all capable of so much more than we think and that when life starts to move a bit too quickly "Just Breathe". Super day and would highly recommend anyone that is interested in this to follow @breathewithniall and book on to the next course. As always, a great day out with my partner in crime @garymoorhousept

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