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  Boxing Coach and Personal Trainer in UNIT 3: Health and Fitness, Naas

Episode 6 of the UNIT 3 Boxing Podcast is now live. I was delighted to be joined by Siobhan O’Leary (@siobhan99) ahead of her pro debut on Celtic Clash 7 in Drimnagh in Nov 24th. Siobhan talks about; her transition to the pros, her team up in @sbgtallaght and gives some great advice on how to push through tough obstacles. There are only a few tickets left for her debut so get on to Siobhan if you would like some. Follow the link in my bio for the full episode.

Absolute pleasure to have @roblipsett down for a boxing session with @garycully today. Very strong and a very quick learner it was brilliant to work with him and his crew. Rob was also so positive and engaging with everyone in @unit3healthandfitness so will always be welcome here. Thanks also to @shanedelahunty for the great pictures and to @piercebur @gannon.tom and @deansiney for a great training session.

Why we host our Health and Fat Loss Program in December rather than after Christmas. If you are interested in really improving your health and physique get in touch with us in @unit3healthandfitness and we would be delighted to help you

Episode 5 of the UNIT 3 Boxing Podcast is now live (link in bio). In this episode we talk to undeafeated Irish middleweight prospect Cillian Reardon (@cillianreardon) about his journey as a professional fighter to date. Far from plain sailing Cillian has had numerous obstacles placed in his way and gives great insights into how to overcome these. A complete gent and very interesting guy, I hope that you all enjoy the chat as much as I did.

A snippet of the kind of strength and core work the Naas Rugby players are working on at the moment (with much heavier weights though!). A brilliant group and we are absolutely delighted to get to work with them in @unit3healthandfitness

A brilliant training camp was put it. @garycully is fitter, stronger and sharper than ever. Time to have fun and enjoy it. Great job on the video by @craig_nolan_hair and his team. Tune in to @boxnation tonight from 7pm on. @dinardo @fortress_boxing

TRAINING AS YOU GET OLDER. I hold the belief that exercise can not only extend your life but also improve your life. As we age; we naturally lose muscle, our bones begin to decay, our memory can suffer and our mobility can be impaired. All of this can lead to a loss of independence and the mental health issues that go along with being isolated. I believe that exercise and healthy living can fight against these and even reverse them. If you are beginning to feel any of these things happen to you or have a parent that is at this point then the time to do something about it is now. Book in with a good coach or gym and take some action. We will look after them in @unit3healthandfitness and @tpfacademy has a brilliant over 55’s class. Apart from the physical benefits there are so many benefits to being social and meeting a new community. This is how my Mam and I spend time together and through it we both get healthier. If we can help you in any way please get in touch.

Episode 4 of the UNIT 3 Boxing Podcast featuring @francy_luzoho is now live on YouTube. Francy talks about his journey into boxing, his love for Ireland and Congo as well as his preparations for his professional debut on the Rise Again show in Tallaght on October 6th. The link is in the bio

Part 2....

Explosive is the only word to describe how @garycully has looked in training camp as he builds up to his 6th professional fight in Belfast this Friday night on @boxnation (part 1)

Episode 3 of the UNIT 3 Boxing Podcast is now live on YouTube. In this episode we talk to Irish International boxer Tony Brown ( @superflytonyb ). Tony talks about his start in boxing, his relationship with his coach Steven O’Rourke (@denton376) and his teammates as well as telling us his plans for the future. The link is in the Instagram bio

U-Box every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm in UNIT 3 Naas. If you are interested in trying the class or are looking to return back to the class after a break send me a message and I will get in touch to arrange it for you. Suitable for absolute beginners and more advanced athletes.