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  Boxing Coach and Personal Trainer in UNIT 3: Health and Fitness, Naas

Sunday shakeout with @garycully before Liverpool on Friday. If anyone has family or friends in Liverpool send them down to the Green Bank to support on Friday 16th March.

Snow or no snow, the show must go on. @garycully working very hard in preparation for his show in Liverpool on St. Patrick's Day. @taylormadeboxinggym @mxnboxinggear

Thank you to @garycully for coming down to UNIT 3 today to put on a demonstration for a UNIT 3 kids birthday. Rather than kids having a traditional party eating unhealthy processed foods we have found that a boxing birthday party is a great alternative as kids get to do something healthy and fun instead. Get in touch with us if this is something you are interested in.

Great S+C session with @garycully today in UNIT 3 in preparation for his next fight in Liverpool on Friday March 17th. Gary is in great shape and is looking to improve his record to 5-0. If anyone is looking for tickets just let us know. And thank you to our friend @phillykinsella for jumping in to help keep the tempo up. @taylormadeboxinggym

This is what people see and think it is all glitz and glamour and all plain sailing. What people don't see is the 3 changes of opponents in a week, 2 changes of dates, 2 changes of venues, 2 months of non stop training when the rest of the country are out over Christmas, an opponent coming in over weight for the 3rd time in a row. Congratulations to @garycully for how he handled himself in the build up to last night. Everyone knows how highly I thinl of him so I am glad he got to show everyone last night. The lesson in all of this is just to focus on yourself and what you can control as the rest of the variables will always change.

Some advanced core work from this week in @unit3healthandfitness . Working on your core muscles is very important for injury prevention, posture and overall strength. Try these out and let me know which one you find the best.

Saturday fun in @unit3healthandfitness . If you want to try a class just send us a message!

Some clips from our Kids Boxing Classes this week in @unit3healthandfitness. Everyone is making big improvements due to working hard and practicing everyday. Also big thank you to local boxing champions @garycully and @duffydervla for coming down to coach and inspire the kids.

Everyday is Boxing Day in @unit3healthandfitness. If you are home over Christmas and in the mood for a fun workout we are open this week for classes at 9am and 11am so drop in to give it a try!

THE POWER OF REFLECTING - As we come to the end of 2017 I have been doing a lot of reflecting on the last year and on those which came before. I find that looking back at where you were a few months/ years ago can really help you to appreciate just how much better off you are now. Hopefully you are healthier, wiser, in a better job or better relationship but sometimes it takes looking back to realise and appreciate this. Today I just wanted to share some of my gratitudes. The two pictures above are both very important to me. The first picture is of the very first gym that I set up. It was when I worked for Dublin Simon Community and we set it up in a small room from donated equipment. This gym was amazing and helped so many people while they were going through a tough time in life. However it was of course limited in size and equipment etc. The second picture is of UNIT 3: Health and Fitness, where I live now! As people know by know, I am in love with this place and with our community here. It is where everyone that is special to me comes to get healthier and where I get to express myself and grow as a coach. As you can see we have so much space and equipment. I am always grateful for this gym but moreso when I realise that I didn't always get to work and practice in a place as great as this. I have shared stories about our set up and some of the obstacles that we faced during this period and about some of the people who helped and came to our rescue but there is one story that only a few people know. While setting up the gym I was coaching a good friend of mine, Niall Munnelly who owns a great gym, @tpfacademy . Niall could have reacted to my news as a competitor and has the resources to make life difficult for us but instead his very first words to me when I informed him that were were opening a gym within a few miles of his were, "how can I help you?" From that day Niall helped me out with mentoring, advice and a considerable amount of equipment to help us to get started. Because of him we can now help even more people to get healthier and fitter and for that I am eternally grateful. Happy Christmas everyone, I hope you are in a better place than last year.x

Spot the biggest kid in the class!! Kids classes every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 4pm in @unit3healthandfitness . Get in touch for details.

HEALTH TIP - Stress Reduction.
During weeks when we are; busy, going through a rough patch or training extra hard, stress can flood our bodies. This stress, unless it is washed away regularly, can compound and build up over time and leave us feeling run down, tired and sick. If you have had a long period of stress then one massage or one walk will not fix the problem 100%, it will only take the first layer off. You need add in stress-reduction strategies into your life on a daily and weekly basis to peel all the layers of stress off in order to come back to your true, rested self.

Some strategies that I like to use to reduce stress include: walks in nature, massages, meeting friends, floatation (pictured), reading, journaling, laughing, baths, yoga/stretching, training etc.

Whatever works best for you then schedule it in more often.

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