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  Boxing Coach and Personal Trainer in UNIT 3: Health and Fitness, Naas

HEALTH TIP - Stress Reduction.
During weeks when we are; busy, going through a rough patch or training extra hard, stress can flood our bodies. This stress, unless it is washed away regularly, can compound and build up over time and leave us feeling run down, tired and sick. If you have had a long period of stress then one massage or one walk will not fix the problem 100%, it will only take the first layer off. You need add in stress-reduction strategies into your life on a daily and weekly basis to peel all the layers of stress off in order to come back to your true, rested self.

Some strategies that I like to use to reduce stress include: walks in nature, massages, meeting friends, floatation (pictured), reading, journaling, laughing, baths, yoga/stretching, training etc.

Whatever works best for you then schedule it in more often.

This is what you are meant to do on this machine right??

Clip from our Kids Boxing Class today in UNIT 3. Boxing is a great way to help your child to get fitter, stronger and healthier as well as to help them to improve their confidence and discipline. Oh and it is pretty fun too. Call us if you are interested in our Kids or Adults classes.

EXERCISE PAIRING - I found that this pairing works pretty nicely - glute bridge into a floor press. You should be able to lift considerably more weight on the glute bridge so I find adding in pauses here, increasing the reps or having a training partner to quickly adjust your weights can work well for this. #training #health #resistancetraining #gluteworkout #fitfam #irishfitfam #unit3 #exercise

Coaching tip - provide scenario's which let athletes solve their own problems and express their own creativity. They will have tp fo it for themselves in the rung or on the pitch anyway and there is a good chance they know more answers than you do. Work with @garycully in @unit3healthandfitness Naas. #boxing #coaching #training #irishboxing #padwork #fitness #fitfam #irishfitfam #unit3

PULLING EXERCISES - Here are two pulling exercises that we use in UNIT 3 to help to strengthen your back and core muscles. The first variation works the important muscles around your shoulder blades while the second one targets the Lats more so. One tip for people who struggle to connect their mind to their muscles is to take your hand and place it on the muscle that you are trying to work in order to feel the stretch and contraction. Hope this helps! #health #training #resistancebands #resistancetraining #backexercises #fitness #fitfam #irishfitfam #unit3

CORE WORK - This is one of my favourite core exercises. Take a mini-band and wrap it around the soles of your feet. Assume a good plank position and slightly point your feet forward to keep the band in place. Draw your knee in and then hold for 3 seconds. As with any core exercise, slowing down, connecting your mind to the muscle and contracting the muscle yourself will greatly enhance the exercise. If you really want to challenge yourself you can try it with your hands on a medicine ball. This exercise can also be done without the band once you are contracting your abs yourself. Give it a try and let me know what you think! #coreworkout #health #training #exercise #fitfam #irishfitfam #naasfitness #unit3

Sore ribs after this... and that is with ten inches of foam between us. Not long until @garycully moves up one more step on the ladder. Out on the @theframpton bill this Saturday which is promoted by @frank_warren_official . #boxing #coaching #health #fitness #fitfam #irishfitfam #unit3 #padwork

Congratulations to my Dad for getting a Personal Best in the Naas Parkrun 5km today on his 60th birthday. You are never too old to make progress. Not trying to take any credit but he has taken a full minute off his running time since joining UNIT 3...just saying. #health #running #exercise #parkrun #5km #community #unit3 #fitfam #irishfitfam

I want to say the biggest congratulations to my buddy Niall @tpfacademy for winning silver in the Leinster Championships tonight. Niall only started boxing a few months ago and when he asked if I thought he could do it competitively I said that I believed he could but that he would have to work. extremely hard.
The reason for this was that Niall was going to be up against boxers with vastly more experience than he had. Niall rose to the challenge and since then we have been training twice a day together in preparation. Training involved boxing drills sparring, padwork, running in all weather, beating the crap out of each other and a whole lot more. He tpushed outside his comfort zone and trained alongside some very talented boxers, far more experienced than he was, and grew and developed quickly as a result. This week Niall won two grueling fights and came extremely close tonight in the final against a very fine boxer. He bared his heart and soul and I am more proud of him than he will ever know. Apart from the boxing Niall also helped myself and my partners to set up UNIT 3: Health and Fitness and for that I will be forever indebted. I hope that people can see through Niall's actions that if you have a goal, no matter how big it may seem, then go for it. Surround yourself with others on the same path and take steps towards it everyday. If you stay in the path and move forward you will get there eventually. #health #boxing #coaching #goals #positivity #irishfitfam

So 'Coach Niall' is now an official Holloween Costume it seems! This made my day at our UNIT 3 Holloween Party in aid of Temple Street. #health #holloween #community #unit3

Very proud of my great friend @instacfly for his amazing contribution to @cmrf_crumlin. He trained incredibly hard for the last few months; boxing, weight training, skipping - you name it and he did it. Last night we sparred three great rounds in order to raise funds for a great cause. There is still time to donate at idonate.ie/ConorFightNight. Thanks to everyone who came down to support Conor in UNIT 3 (no-one was supporting me!) and to our great sponsor @irish_biltong for all their help and advice. #health #training #exercise #boxing #sparring #crumlinchildrenshospital #irishfitfam #fitfam #community #unit3

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