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  Boxing Coach and Personal Trainer in UNIT 3: Health and Fitness, Naas

Episode 2 of the UNIT 3 Boxing Podcast is now up. In this episode we talk to Joe O’Neill ( @j0e_90 ), a boxing writer with and thoroughly knowledgeable guy in all aspects of boxing. Link is in my bio or you can search ‘UNIT 3 Boxing’ on YouTube. If you are interested in appearing as a guest and boosting your profile please let me know.

And interview number 1 is now live!! In this interview I chat with @martind133 about all things boxing; coaching, boxers he has worked with, books he recommends and much more. The link to the interview is above in the bio or else just search ‘UNIT 3 Boxing Podcast’ on YouTube. Any suggestions for future guests are welcome.

Massive improvements from Lisa in the last few weeks. Who would have guessed that dedication and consistency would work??? Give it a go and see the results for yourself

New project coming soon....snippet of an interview with top boxing coach Martin Doran @martind133 . The full interview will be launched soon.

U-Box class last night in @unit3healthandfitness. Every week we mix technique, conditioning, strength and core work to make you fitter, stronger and faster. There are beginners in every class so if you ever want to try just let us know.

I would like to wish the very best of luck to Sean Creagh in his retirement from boxing. Sean started out as a white collar boxer at 125kg but through hard work and structured nutrition ended up boxing for professional titles at 64kg!! I first met Sean a few years ago at a nutrition seminar and he is now a personal trainer helping others to achieve better health and fitness. Absolutely incredible display of what is possible with hard work and dedication. All the best @creaghzy

Hiking in Italy. I love going to the gym but never forget to use and enjoy your fitness and strength outside in nature and in your everyday life.

Great U-Box classes all week in UNIT 3. These classes are non-contact and suitable for complete beginners as well as those looking to improve their technique and skill levels. If you have ever wanted to try boxing then this is the class for you.

Naas Rugby Club working hard again in UNIT 3 last night. The commitment, work ethic and team work shown by these guys is very inspiring for us as coaches to see. As Zig Ziglar says "Your attitude is what will determine your altitude in life" so remember that the attitude you choose for yourself today will be the most important decision you make and will determine the day you have.

Just a fraction of what goes on in a typical day in UNIT 3

An idea of what we do in our U-Box class in UNIT 3. Pads, bags, core, stretching etc but we do our best to mix it up every class. If you would like to try it out just let us know.

The Power of team work and community.

When we started with Naas Rugby Club we conducted a series of tests to measure how; fit, strong, fast, mobile etc. each player was. After a great pre-season we re-tested them to see the results. While there were definitely improvements made through all of their training I think that this video shows how hard they all pushed for the benefit of the team. This also works visa-versa as being a part of a team has also lifted each of them individually in ways that maybe they couldn't do if they were training by themselves.

The lesson I find here is that if there is anything you are trying to achieve, find others who want to do the same and work together towards your common goals.
If your goal has anything to do with health or fitness then you will find a very supportive community in UNIT 3 to help you towards achieving this.

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