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NIA GARZA🌿PHOTOGRAPHER  • Music|Fashion|Wedding • Orlando//Atlantic Beach, FL 🌞 • Let me take your photo 📷 •

Be yourself. Everyone adores her because she's so kind and thoughtful. Be your true witty, clumsy, dorky self. And don't ever settle with those you can't be youself around

Get you someone who looks at you like Micah looks at @hannahgeissmann 🍒❤🍃

Like the edited version more ~

m o n d a y mood 🐙

eyes as bright as a pale moons light

Me trying to get 12 groomsmen to behave, by @mhpandco 😂

She said softly, just hold me. I miss you and I need you. She just wants to be there for you, and in return all she wants are mutual feelings. So when the clouds fade away, and the sun is shining, and all is well, and the luck is great; you're still there for her. You'll bet when the days are rainy, when the sky is storming, she's there holding you and softly, she says I've got you, that's what you taught her, by just doing so. Don't let go now, never~

So excited to be in my hometown for a couple of days to shoot n hang with a few babes 💕🍒💥

wanna be yours

be in my eyes

be in my heart

s a v

SHOUTOUT to @mhpandco for being a bff and convincing/helping me be confident enough with myself to do a bikini shoot. You're a total lady boss/babe and I look up to you and love you soso much. Thanks for showing me girl power and letting me cry to you about dumb things, you absolutely rule 💓

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