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niagirl9  I am a believer in Christ, wife, mother of 3, wreath maker, home maker, friend.

Sick buddies today. 🤢 we were supposed to be at the Jubilee all day...more like jubiSLEEP

When you’re sugar-free this month and placement is everything. #HopingTheresACrumb #MindOverMatter

#tswiftletteringchallenge day 19 hits close to home for me. Realizing the perfect fantasy isn’t real was really hard for me. But what I got in return is so much richer and truer and fuller— married with God as the third strand, present in our decisions, conversations, and anything else we do. 😘

When you have sign language class, ya gotta wear our sign language shirt! #SymphonyPearl

#tswiftletteringchallenge day 18!! Isn’t it amazing that people are what make a place feel like home? Instead of the structure itself...? I remember as a kid I was confident and comfortable in any setting if my mom was with me. As a teenager I felt that way about my boyfriend, and as an adult it’s still my husband, mom, firstborn, and a few of my besties! Who is your home person?

#tswiftletteringchallenge day 17! What’s a silly decision you’ve made because you were in love?! Here’s one of my confessions: I once wore jeans and a T-shirt that belonged to @sampaulphoto to a show he played with his high School band. I looked ridiculous but it was SO fun! I can’t find the picture anywhere 😩

Lunch dates with you are the best! I’m so grateful for you in my life @jennaldridge02 !! 😎😘 (ps: why don’t they have an emoji of girls eating at a table yet?! I feel like that’s such a large part of my life!)

So excited to try my new pens!!! Swipe to see throwbacks of all the kids at 15 months old with their favorite lovey, snuggly, sleepytime things! #tswiftletteringchallenge day 15!!

On a hot date with my man @sampaulphoto !! Day 14 of the #tswiftletteringchallenge is prob my least favorite...but here it is!! Click the # to see what everyone else in this challenge did for today’s quote!

Girls weekend is the best weekend!! Happy birthday Lauren!! The grove, sleepover, playing hair, Strada for breakfast!

Yes we do!! #tswiftletteringchallenge love love love my girls!!

Girl’s morning with these beauties! #ChickenMinisPlease #SymphonyPearl #JulietElizabeth

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