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Natural History Museum of LA  Inspiring wonder, discovery and responsibility for our natural and cultural worlds. Join us!

Join us for Nature in Focus on October 9, an evening workshop where you’ll learn from professional photographer @thomas_shahan about the basics of taking cutting-edge photos with your camera—smart phones included!⠀

Take an after-hours tour of Wildlife Photographer of the Year, explore our recently opened Spider Pavilion, and ramp up your photography skills! Featured photographers generously provided by @annenbergspace. Learn more by visiting nhm.org/workshops.

It sounds like the beginning of a riddle: "What happened when the T. rex fell in love with the Triceratops?" But for Robert George, one of our Dinosaur Encounters T. rex performers, and Shannon Fitzpatrick, one of our Triceratops performers, it's real life. ⠀

And if you're curious, the answer is: they get married in Italy and live happily ever after 💕. See Dinosaur Encounters during Dino Fest, happening September 29 and 30! #DinoFestLA

It's closing weekend at the LA County Fair—which means it's your last chance to see our GIANT (3 ton!) quartz and microcline Feldspar #crystals in "The Science of Rocks and Candy." Admission is free with your #LACountyFair ticket! More info: lacountyfair.com

Today there are nearly a thousand species of bats, but fossils of their relatives are rare. This early bat, Icaronycteris index, lived in present-day Wyoming during the Middle Eocene 48 million years ago! Its skeleton has two claws on each hand (living bats have just one) and its ear structure shows that it obtained food by echolocation.🦇 #FossilFriday

🐋 Do fin whales have teeth? Not exactly! Their mouths have long plates of baleen - made of keratin like our fingernails! This helps them filter the several tons of krill, fish, and squid they eat every day. 🦐 🐟🦑 📷: @bybucco #HowDoYouMuseum

Cacoin lives in the forest of Odzala National Park in the Republic of Congo and is seen here feasting on African breadfruit. He’s about nine-years-old and will soon become a solitary silverback 🦍, perhaps teaming up with other males to explore and, with luck, start his own family. Learn Cacoin’s story and 98 others in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition now on view! #WPY53

Bay Area artist Mary Ann King visited our Malacology Department last week. Here's one of her sketches of the amazing sea slug, Elysia diomedea, a gastropod that we happen to have an excellent collection of, but for which there happens to be very little research. ⠀

#Malacology is the study of mollusks (snails, clams, octopods, etc.) and #gastropods are marine, terrestrial, and freshwater snails and slugs. When that's a question on Jeopardy! you'll thank us. #TheMoreYouKnow

🦋 The Butterfly Pavilion may have left NHMLA, but rare and ridiculously adorable species can still be found fluttering through our gardens! 🌼 📷: @little_miss_bright #HowDoYouMuseum

Now on view! Justin Brice Guariglia: Earth Works: Mapping the Anthropocene is presented by @fishermuseum in collaboration with NHMLA. Through art, experience a new age—the #Anthropocene Epoch—the period during which human activities have had a direct environmental impact on the earth.⠀

The exhibition features 24 works by @justinbriceguariglia including one work—the 11-by-16-foot Jakobshavn I depicting one of Greenland’s fastest-melting glaciers—on display here at the Museum through December 9. Free with museum admission.

It's a bird! It's...a plane in the jungle? ⠀ ⠀

Dr. Amy Gusick, NHMLA's curator of #archaeology, recently visited Yap (an island in the Federated States of Micronesia) with her colleague and fellow #NatGeoExplorer, Matthew Napolitano from the University of Oregon. Matt is directing a National Geographic-funded project focused on early habitation of the island @insidenatgeo @archaeology_in_yap. ⠀

So why is there an airplane in the jungle? The Japanese occupied Yap from the end of World War I to the end of World War II. There are a number of WWII aircraft crash sites located in the dense jungle surrounding Colonia, the capital of Yap. 📷: @nhmla_anthropology

It's a scientific fact. If you have a T. rex hand, you are most definitely invincible! 🦖 📷: @toe_fosho_knee #HowDoYouMuseum #NotARealFact

Happy #AskACurator day! Check out our thread on Twitter for answers to your questions from our curators, Jann Vendetti from Malacology and Jorge Velez-Juarbe from Mammalogy—including the one below!

Q: What’s a weird thing you've found in your collections?⠀

Jann Vendetti: This South American megasnail (Megalobulimus oblongus) lays eggs (usually 2 at a time) that look like a bird could have laid them!
#snail #snailsofinstagram #museumcollection

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