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Natural History Museum of LA  Inspiring wonder, discovery and responsibility for our natural and cultural worlds. Join us!


This weekend, @lindseycarmichael of @classicfullerton is back in the #tattooNHMLA Parlor! Come see live tattooing all weekend and check out our story for more behind-the-scenes fun!

This Struthiomimus was a theropod, meaning that it walked upright on two legs! Come see it for yourself in NHMLA's Dinosaur Hall! 📷: @starsgraphy #HowDoYouMuseum

Happy #ValentinesDay! 💕 Today we’re looking into the bizarre breeding biology of amorous alligator lizards. 🦎 The males of this species use their massive jaw muscles to bite and hold on to the heads of females during mating, sometimes for up to 31 hours! These local lovers can be seen in action all over SoCal in the coming months, so keep an eye out for lizards in love and tag any pictures #NatureinLA so our scientists can document and study them!

One cutie, two cuties.. wait, there's three! Bring your littles down for a day full of adventure at the NHMLA! 🦓 🐯 📷: @antigeneric #HowDoYouMuseum

Naturally, we selected Galápagos finches from our Ornithology collection in honor of #DarwinDay. Diversity in beak form and function among these island-dwelling birds helped Darwin develop his theory of natural selection. 🐦

Do you ❤️ P-22? We know we do! Stop by NHMLA tomorrow between 11 am - 1 pm for a special program honoring L.A.'s most famous feline! We're teaming up with @narratedobjects to bring you crafts, stories, and a special appearance by Miguel Ordeñana, the Museum wildlife biologist who was the first person to spot P-22 on camera. 🐾 Free with Museum admission!

This weekend, ⚡️ @jonezyzaps ⚡️of @thetruetattoo is taking over the #tattooNHMLA Parlor. Come watch this master of black work tattooing in action! Tickets and info in our bio.

Congratulations to January's How Do You Museum contest winner, Nika! We hope that you enjoy your $250 Museum store gift card and family pack of four tickets! 📷: @pinanika

L.A. tattoo and graffiti artist @bigsleeps has seen Los Angeles’ tattoo scene evolve, and is one of the key players in shaping its future. As L.A.’s distinctive style spreads throughout the world, Sleeps sees how important it is to bring the history back home. See his work on display in #tattooNHMLA, on view now through April 15 at NHMLA.

Everyone has a different perspective when visiting NHMLA! 🤸‍♀️Come discover yours! 📷:@cirquedusofit #HowDoYouMuseum

Tomorrow, tebori tattoo master @horishige will be demonstrating traditional Japanese tattooing in the #tattoonhmla Parlor. In tebori tattooing, a horishi (tattooer) uses a wooden or metal stick with a set of needles fastened to its end to deposit ink into the skin. The process is done entirely by hand, without the aid of rotary and coil machines common in tattoo parlors today. 📷: @horishige / Matt Trudeau

Did someone say something about #SuperbOwlSunday? 🦉

This weekend in the #tattooNHMLA Parlor, we are so excited to host @robertatkinson_tattoo of @tenthousandwavestattoo. Live tattooing will be happening all weekend, check the link in our bio for tickets!

It is not an easy feat for these dinosaurs to end up at the NHMLA! Specimens must withstand millions of years of erosion and geologic activity before being discovered. 📷: @agarmael #HowDoYouMuseum

🎶 From an act of rebellion to a curated art collection, musician @m.riversofficial of @partsandlaborrecords shares how tattoos document his travels and the incredible experiences he's had on the road. Every tattoo has a story, what's yours? Share it with us using #tattooNHMLA.

"This physical vessel in which I exist is mine to modify, to feel, to experience, to love, to understand, to push, to control, to create". This is why Antonio gets tattoos. Why do you? 📷: @antonio_gioia #HowDoYouMuseum #tattoonhmla

#FirstFridaysNHMLA kicks off this Friday, Feb. 2! Take in talks and tours, dance to live bands and DJs, and explore NHMLA after hours. Who's coming? 🙋 Tickets and info at nhm.org/firstfridays.

This weekend in the #tattooNHMLA Parlor: 🎀@alexstrangler!🎀 If you’re into super cute science tattoos, you’ll definitely want to stop by! ✨ Check the link in our bio for tickets!

Coming at you all the way from Antarctica this #FossilFriday! Although it's cold and unforgiving now, Antarctica was once much warmer, and home to a diversity of dinosaurs. Our Dinosaur Institute Curator Dr. Nate Smith is currently searching for fossils beneath the frost, like this Thrinaxodon.

Does this chilly weather have you feeling like a Musk Ox? 🐂 Learn more about these incredible creatures in NHMLA's North American Mammal Hall! 📷: @moirasphone #HowDoYouMuseum

Tattooer @colestremtattooer of @stilllifetattoo tells us how he draws inspiration from the tattoo community itself, and how diverse styles and stories play out in his art. Every tattoo has a story, what’s yours? Share it with us using #tattooNHMLA.

No, this isn't a portal to another world but stepping into the Natural History Museum definitely feels that way! Come take an adventure at NHMLA. 📷: @littlecrane13 #HowDoYouMuseum

This blue whale skull from the NHMLA Whale Warehouse is 18 feet long and weighs 2,500 pounds, making it the largest natural object in our collections (we specify “natural” because the collections also include an airplane.)

A #DapperDay calls for a dapper dino. @dapperday 💐🎩

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