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Nhi Nguyen  Makeup Student at Blanche Macdonald Esthetician Certified Eyelash Extension Technician Vancouver, BC

Her eyes though 😻
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Set of Flirties 💜
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Practice, practice, practice!
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Today's hybrid set on this pretty lady ✨

Wispy Volume Set

Wispy Volume Set

Natural set of volume

A great video showing how you can clean your lashes at home!! Cleansers, brushes and mascara wands are also available for purchase as well 😉

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My last post talked about regular cleansing preventing infection like Blepharitis.

Wondering how to properly cleanse your lashes at home? Wonder no more! Here is a step by step #videotutorial on how to #lashcleanse at home.
Step 1- disperse CHIC É CLEAN tear free lash cleanser into cap

Step 2- use one finger under your brow to lift and make eyelid taut

Step 3- dip lash wand in lash cleanser being sure to coat the entire brush

Step 4- brush through the top of your lashes with the cleanser soaked brush (it should be easy to brush through, no pain or tugging)

Step 5- gather additional cleanser as needed, go underneath the lashes now and place brush against your lash line, wiggle gently back and forth to exfoliate your lash line and loosen any oil or debris

Step 6- Brush through the top again, if cleanser turns black from makeup, you can rinse your wand and dip in the cap for fresh cleanser

Step 7- Rinse lash wand and lashes. Once cleanser is washed away, towel dry your lashes and use a dry lash wand to brush through

And thats it, now you have fresh, clean, beautiful lashes! Now go strut your stuff girl.
LASH ARTISTS: feel free to share this tutorial with your clients #lashlivesmatter #beautyvideo

Happy lashes. Happy life.

Cleaning your lashes regularly and prior to your lash appointment is one of the most important things you can do to help your lashes last longer. Cleaning keeps your lash line and hair follicles clean, removes oil and build up from make up, and helps create a clean environment where the lash adhesive can perform at its very best- helping you to get the best possible life out of your extensions.
The video above is an example of how to clean your lashes. Use a soft make up brush and a good lash cleanser and really get into your lashes. Go back and forth, along, and through your lash line. Rinse with warm water, pat dry, brush, and you are done done!
This 30 second routine will improve the quality of your lash experience! Clean 1-2 times a day for the very best results.

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CLEAN lashes are HAPPY lashes! Even if you don't wear make up, your lashes can still get a build up of dust, debris, bacteria, and natural oils from your skin that make the adhesive break down faster. Give them a gentle rinse daily!

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