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@lolotheblondie - last time i posted a shot from this shoot it got reported so let’s see what happens🙃 ps. planning a northern california road trip for next spring, where should we go besides redwoods and big bear 🐻

@annamareeofficial - “The most important conversations you will ever have are the ones you have with yourself. You wake up with them. You walk around with them. You go to bed with them. Eventually you act on them. Rather it be good or bad.
We live in a world full of haters and jealous people. People so fucked up in their own lives that they can’t move forward so they put their hate for themselves on you. This world is full of distractions – a lot of them are from other people, social media, some are self-imposed. In a world full on distractions, you must learn to live in it undistracted, unphased.
Never let the weakness of this world infiltrate your mind! To do that you ust truly know yourself! Don’t allow people to puppet master you from being fucking great!” #canthurtme
Caption: @davidgoggins 📷: @thankyoumrfelix

He pasado media vida muerta de miedo
por si perdía cosas que ahora ya ni recuerdo.

He dudado tanto que (aunque acertara)
no era capaz de disfrutar.

De corteza insegura.
Me creí débil, “pequeña” y reemplazable.
Y por no pisar a nadie,
nunca me atrevía a “bailar”. .
Pero escribo esto
en orgulloso pasado complejo.
Una mañana cualquiera,
cambié las margaritas por el cara o cruz
y me abrí en canal.

Entonces se ahogaron los prejuicios, los complejos y la inseguridad.
Porque ellos solitos, no saben nadar.

Y así todo cambió. De repente.
Ahora (son)río. Siempre.
Porque soy yo, siendo yo.
Sin máscaras. Sin miedos. Sin tonterías.

Descubriendo, disfrutando, viviendo.
Pero sobre todo, ~ Sintiendo ~.
Con ganas de bailar cuándo sea y dónde sea.
Sin importarme quién mire ni el qué dirán.
Sin importarme nada que no importe de verdad.
Porque sinceramente,
ya todo eso me da igual.

Y es que resulta que soy fuerte.
Seguramente igual que antes,
solo que ahora lo sé,
y ya nada (ni nadie), puede pararme.

Y te digo una cosa,
tengo mala memoria. Muy mala.
Pero te aseguro que de este aprendizaje,
ya nunca voy a olvidarme.🌹🔥❤️⚡️
Pic @rocio.denizzz & @doryadaluz
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beautiful #sporty young @haferschokomilch curling on the floor #flexygirl #yogagirl

Back to black with @_rebeccabagnol shot by @martiallenoir

#tb to my shoot in #Munich 🇩🇪 when I still had my summer tan and wasn't as pale as I am right now 😂 Planning some trips for shootings in summer 2019 too. Where would you like me to come? I will definately go to Frankfurt and Moscow, maybe (again) Karlsruhe or Kaiserslautern and Berlin/Hamburg/Hannover would be nice to see too. 🙈 help me a bit. 😛 #fashion @ngymn
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Where I would rather be

golden hour glow✨

Wish it was already Spring #flowerpower

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