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Thanh Nguyên ♍  Sept 12, 1997 Vietnamese Kon Tum city Studying in Ha Noi T.P (March 25th, 2017) Trying to be happy

café matinal

Giờ này ngày mai là ở trên trời rồi, chán vl 😟

Tuổi thanh xuân của chúng tôi đã từng có nhau : ))

Họp lớp 12D1 : )). Vẫn "điên" như xưa 😂 💓

I've just watched what's an adorable movie ! It talks about a lovely couple of love in summer air in 80s of 20th century. They love each other and fall very hard in love. But they couldn't come to each other. The other have to have a wedding. It's up to circles of life. I think it's a sad ending! However, it's inspiring me so much about truth of love. It doesn't mean love is about you have to live for life long with somebody. It's about you just love someone by all you have by your soul with all of your heart even if short time, It's enough! Cause no one could reveal what will happen in the future. The future is indefinite. You even don't know how long can you live or you must do anything else badly ! Love is about fluttering with someone and his name always in your mind don't go out . . . #CMBYN #MYTP

Hết Tết. Cố hoàn thành những việc không thể làm khi ở HN trước khi đi thôi... #5daysleft

Parfois, Je demande moi-memê. Suis-je prêt à commencer un nouvel amour ? Je n'ai pas encore connu .

Trường xưa vẫn luôn là nơi tự hào mỗi khi nghĩ về . . .

A long time, I've not been felt the way to go home runs into serious difficulties as this time. Learning hard to get peak mark on 10 subjects and striving against being stayed in Hanoi on Tet holidays -_-

My youth, my soul died for you. I wish I could rest in peace with you someday when i wasn't alive anymore :)

Countdown2018 with my close friend : )

It becomes colder and colder. You should remember to put on coat before going out. In case you catch chill

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