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Ryan Nguyen  primarilYellow *not a doctor* HERO | HERA Ambassador #HeraXHero Use code: 45g

Last night was the very last event for Films & Concerts 2017-2018 and while our duties come to an abrupt halt, our legacy does not
•Carly thanks for being the most amazing director (and baker) that ever lived
•Leif [ /līf / ] thanks for tanning with me and pushing us all out of the nest so we were left with no other option but to fly high
•Ashley thanks for keeping us grounded in logistics while simultaneously reminding me that Vines not dead he’s surely alive
•Brandon thanks for conversations that allowed me to tap back into a realm of movies, musicals, and all things Star Wars; meesa tank you bary mach •Mikaela thanks for being my mom with your confiding high fives, unwavering support in the most chaotic ideas, and laughs that made me think I was actually funny •Ryan thanks for being roughest, toughest (but sweet) older brother who reminded me that yes, all Ryan’s are indeed blessed with charm and wit •And thanks Kim for being the most unexpected best friend who I deeply appreciate more than the cinema masterpiece that is Black Panther (close second tho)
Companionship in its most raw, functional, and impactful form

Anatomically: incorrect
Unapologetically: sorry


20 YEARS studying the book of life.
Was never really much of a reader but had good study buddies.
Here’s to 80 more 🍻
#NotImpressed #Wombmates


Look inside my soul
And you can find gold
And maybe get rich

This is a sign and its meaning is Mountain View.
But this post means something else.

One thing that has strained me in this past year was prayer. It’s something that, for me, has become so self-centered, routine, and monotonous I sometimes feel I’ve lost what it means to pray.
So, attached is a google form that would tremendously help me improve this area of my life through the practice of, you guessed it, prayer.
It can be for life’s hardest trials to life’s greatest rewards; leave whatever prayer you feel is sapping from your mind.
I hope this sign becomes etched in your brain, not for my gain of course, but His. A lot of Christians wait for a sign that will point them to breakthrough. I learned today (from the great @carllentz) that we don’t need to wait for the signs. We simply don’t have the time to.
But if you’re insistent on one, here it is.

hellow yellow

/where the lines overlap/

Genius. 💡


peace I leave you

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