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Noli Grutas  Owner: @nsgphotofilm Videographer, Photographer, Husband to Nadia.

I’ve learned to drop a lot of things. I’ve needed to clear my brain of things getting in the way of my main goal! Don’t be a viewer, be a do-er!

Have you seen my newest short short film? This is how every movie of my childhood started 😂

I’ve learned to stop viewing and start doing.

The project is underway! Here are some color graded shots from one of the interviews! CREATIVITY is amongst us! Graphic Designer: @jaimeisaac

Moving to the Bay Area has been one of the most uncomfortable things my wife and I have ever done. Let me say though that this has caused us to grow so much, and we are embracing it.

Lucky to be here with you.

How every movie in the 90s started out! 😂 What’s up guys. So while filming for a documentary project, we made some jokes about how all of our childhood movies seemed to start out like this, so I took it upon myself to take the footage we were gonna use from his documentary and make a short 90s intro 😂 Enjoy!

Most of you know my main work is shooting weddings! Let me just say the 5dm4 and 24mm was such a delight to shoot on! Check out these screen grabs from a wedding film I’m editing. The color correction process was literally too easy with this set up!

The endless possibilities of art. Ft. @jaimeisaac the graphic designer.

ITS HAPPENING! I still haven’t told anybody yet, but this month I will officially start filming my first self produced project! Things are falling into place and I cannot wait! What can you do to support me? All I ask for these next few months is that you WATCH, SHARE, and INTERACT. This project was not made for me... but for all of you creatives. #staytuned

Thank you guys so much for liking, sharing and being a part of the giveaway! What’s next? I would LOVE it if you guys commented below on some products that we could test out and review! Thank you guys! @hellofresh thanks again!

So proud of my wife and I for putting out our first review together! We were able to talk about our experience with @hellofresh and even give 6 people some free delicious meals! 😉🥗🍛🍣🥙🍜 Tag them to see if we can get you guys some more yummy dinners for free!