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Noli Grutas  Owner: @nsgphotofilm Videographer, Photographer, Husband to Nadia.

Most of you know my main work is shooting weddings! Let me just say the 5dm4 and 24mm was such a delight to shoot on! Check out these screen grabs from a wedding film I’m editing. The color correction process was literally too easy with this set up!

The endless possibilities of art. Ft. @jaimeisaac the graphic designer.

ITS HAPPENING! I still haven’t told anybody yet, but this month I will officially start filming my first self produced project! Things are falling into place and I cannot wait! What can you do to support me? All I ask for these next few months is that you WATCH, SHARE, and INTERACT. This project was not made for me... but for all of you creatives. #staytuned

Thank you guys so much for liking, sharing and being a part of the giveaway! What’s next? I would LOVE it if you guys commented below on some products that we could test out and review! Thank you guys! @hellofresh thanks again!

So proud of my wife and I for putting out our first review together! We were able to talk about our experience with @hellofresh and even give 6 people some free delicious meals! 😉🥗🍛🍣🥙🍜 Tag them to see if we can get you guys some more yummy dinners for free!

What are you eating for dinner tonight? My wife and I wanted to share with you our experience with @hellofresh The full video is on my Facebook, but at the end we are offering 6 people, 3 meals! We only have 1 left! If you’re interested in this FREE promotion, comment down below, “I want @hellofresh” 😉

When life gives you a no, remember there are always more pieces moving forward. 🍕

You have to make your own way.

FULL VERSION IS HERE! LINK IN THE BIO! Listen to his story and the meaning behind #thedriveproject Share to your stories and tag @jaymartinjr letting him know you support him!

LISTEN to his inspiring words. One of my latest projects I directed and shot for @jaymartinjr Can you guys help like and share it? Also thank you to everybody who’s excited to see the rest of this project!

NEW YEAR! This year I’m focusing on WORKING. This is just one of a few big projects I have lined up. I was able to produce and direct this project for @jaymartinjr He’s an actor, model, and podcast host! He’ll be in an upcoming @tylerperry movie! Check out his story!

Set the TONE for your future.

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