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@thomsonreutersfoundation @thomsonreuters is featuring my article on threats to native peoples in the Amazon due to coca harvesting and cocaine production on illegally trafficked tribal land.
Late last year I spent time with Peru’s #Kakataibo tribe in the #ucayali region of the #amazon. The biggest threat to Kakataibo existence is the deforestation of their land by invading farmers from the Andes.
Link’s in bio to read more about what #landtrafficking is and how it’s contributing to the destruction of the largest tropical rainforest on earth.

@megiardino Waking up to this guy staring at me every morning

@aljazeeraenglish is featuring my story on #peru ‘s #indigenous #Asháninka coffee growers. Faced with territorial threats and exclusion from powerful coffee cooperatives, native #amazonian coffee-producing communities are finding ways to fight back. Photos taken in community of Nuevo Amanecer Hawai. Link’s up in bio.

@reuters published a feature I wrote and photographed on Peru’s isolated #MaschoPiro tribe, a nomadic hunter/gatherer people who live within the #amazonrainforest of southern #Peru and Brazil.

Threats from illegal loggers, miners, narco traffickers, and missionaries are driving the Mascho out of their forest habitat ~ and it’s causing problems for indigenous communities like Diamante. In recent years there’s been violent conflict between these ethnic #yine villagers and the Mascho-Piro.

Slide one is of Diamante villagers awe-struck as the Mascho arrived at the foot of their community in September. Slide 2 is of Diamante’s President, Gloria Mormontoy. She’s worried more blood will shed as the Mascho continue to initiate contact.
Link’s in bio ^^

High above #Quito at around 10k feet.

#nightworship ~ this is second in a series of shots taken from a bus window along the highway from #Piura #Peru to the Ecuadorian border. #ISO 10k. Lonely town after lonely little town.

Beautiful Baños, Ecuador, with a climate like late spring in Seattle. Mist rain. Not quite Amazon, but not far. I love this town.

I took a bus last night from Tarapoto in the #amazonian high jungle to #Piura along the desert coast of #Peru. I’ve been traveling through #LatinAmerica for nearly two decades and for me one constant is the profound sense of loneliness felt when riding these long-haul night buses through nameless, godforsaken villages. They’re all the same at night, the entire continent over. Last night I was listening to @davidtibet_current93 and took out my camera, cranked the #ISO up to 10,000 and shot for over an hour from my window seat. I think I managed to capture that feeling ~~ also vibes/inspiration from @perpetualmitchual ‘s opus #nightworship - feelin nostalgic so link’s in bio

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