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@aljazeera published a feature I wrote and photographed on #amazonian #indigenous radio environmental activism. Link's in bio.

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#asháninka coffee producers in their community Nuevo Amanecer Hawai, which is surrounded by virgin rainforest.

Asháninka village of Nuevo Amanecer Hawai
In the late 90s #Senderoluminoso Shining Path terrorists entered this Asháninka community. Villagers fought back with ancestral arms for a time but eventually fled.

When they returned to their village in 2000 the jungle had consumed all of their precious coffee crops. The only plants that survived were a variety of pineapple called Hawaii.
The village's Asháninka name was changed to New Dawn Hawai.

#Asháninka popping the hood of their communal pickup truck.

Chief of Nuevo Amanecer Hawai, Victor Pio. Coffee cultivation is theee lifeblood of this Asháninka community. Without it they would have nothing.
The community has suffered from three major blows in recent decades - one was the infiltration of Sendero Luminoso Marxist Leninist terrorists in the 90s which forced them to abandon their village. They actually fought back for a time with their ancestral arms - bows and arrows.
Second has been the invasion of illegal loggers on their land. Three years ago Pio's father - the former chief of the Hawai - was gunned down by hitmen working on behalf of the loggers.
Most recently a leaf blight infected plants across the region destroying their production and crippling the community financially. #ashaninka

My Asháninka pals. To my left is the jefe of a coffee-producing community hiiiiiigh up in the Peruvian cloud-forests called Nuevo Amanecer Hawai. To my right is Asháninka leader Americo Cabecilla, well known as a defender of Asháninka communities in Peru's #selvacentral. I think he look like an Asháninka Mike Tyson.

Scenes from the indigenous Asháninka community of Alto Incariado in Peru's Selva Central (far West Amazon) region. The semi-isolated village of around 500 is in the heart of peru's coffee-producing valley.
The community grows organic coffee on collective fincas. But lacking technical resources and business acumen, they sell their coffee at abysmally low prices to unscrupulous local buyers. 1 kilo of coffee is currently worth around $1.85.
In the 90s Asháninka villages like Alto Incariado were victims of Peru's bloody terror insurgency Shing Path, who either murdered villagers or forcefully recruited them into into their ranks. One grower told me they were forced to abandon their fincas and upon return had to relearn how to grow coffee.

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