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Callie Neylan  I was born in the wrong country. Seattle, WA / @neylano / 🐘

Oslo + Frieds. Seattle, WA. July 24, 2017. ❤️ #weimaraner #vscocam

I look at his little legs and wonder about all the stories they will lead me through.
This happened on Friday. Zauberhaft and Eden’s The Brother Imperial (aka Friedrich!), nine weeks, came to us from Ohio. Half-brother to Mies, 12 years, 11 months; uncle to Oslo, 13 years, one month. The journey continues. Weimaraners are the best. ❤️ #vscocam #weimaraner

Mies, waiting for breakfast. July 17, 2017. Seattle, WA. #vscocam #weimaraner

Best bathroom signage ever. I have held a baby akimbo like that many times. Puppies, too. #pikeplacemarket #graphicdesign

Golden Hour with my Golden Boys. Oslo, our calm, dignified, benevolent Alpha, standing behind Mies, our crazy, nutty professor one. June 25, 2017. Seattle, Washington.

Friday, June 23, 2017. Mies and me, waiting for Oslo to get home from an overnight at the vet. He knows something’s awry. 😓 #vscocam #weimaraner

Mies and me, on the 545 home from Redmond. I brought him to the studio with me today because my boys are getting old and I need to spend more time with them (Oslo just turned 13 and Mies turns 13 in August). Oslo isn't doing very well right now and we decided against a very invasive biopsy today that could have killed him and may not have been that conclusive. So, we’re going to do the most we can noninvasively to make whatever time he has left with us as joyful and comfortable as possible. #doglove #weimaraner #beingmortal

Sunday on the Fremont Cut. Legs were feelin’ it. #rowing #LWRC

That time this woman bought the whole head, tucking it under her arm like a football, all wrapped in brown paper. #farmtofootball

My peonies are going a little cray cray this year. In Seattle, the only city I know of that doubles as a floral shop almost the entire year. #vscocam

Visual notes from a letterpress studio. Test salted caramel labels for @bellflower_cacao in the lower left. #vscocam #letterpress #chocolate

Seattle this time of year is like living in a floral shop 24/7. Andromeda blossoms from the bush by my front door. #vscocam

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