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Callie Neylan  I was born in the wrong country. Seattle, WA / @neylano / 🐘


Mies as I was shutting the door, leaving for Taste of Seattle Made last night. When we leave, we sometimes give the dogs bully sticks to keep them busy. He and Oslo always used to lie side-by-side on towels on the floor with them, completely engrossed in their treats, not even noticing if I’d left or not. Now, Fredrick gets his in his kennel. Mies will take his, but he won’t eat it without Oslo. He just carries it around, pacing. When we got home, his bully stick was lying sadly on the floor, barely chewed. Overall, he’s doing okay and is better with Fredrick’s company, but dogs are social, emotional creatures and I know, I just know, that he misses his best buddy as much if not more than we do. #vscocam #weimaraner

Bria and Papa Will. One morning a year or so ago. Maybe two. #mixedfamily

Hello, my friend, hello. The rain is back. 🌫

We went hiking on Fidalgo Island this weekend, where I took this closeup of a log washed up on Rosario Beach. Texture inspiration via my coworker, @creativebent. #evergreenstate

Wrapped in a brown wool camping blanket with a red stripe on each edge, we lay Oslo’s beautiful, still body in the back of the Volkswagen. We drove flat, faces wet, to the veterinary hospital on Lake City Way. They met us at the car with a gurney. Gently moved from the car, Oslo could have been sleeping. I held Mies to Oslo’s head so he would know for sure that he wasn’t, then hugged his neck hard and caressed his velvet ear one last beautiful time. Grieg Garden at the UW campus on the way home, the place we were married, the place we strolled with our remaining two, among the rhododendrons and the cherry trees, coming to terms with our crushing loss. A loss so crushing because loving Oslo was a win so expanding. Will, rubbing my feet the day we put Oslo down, after returning from sending his body to be cremated. August 5, 2017. Seattle, Washington.

Losing Oslo this summer was really hard for all of us. Michaela, hugging Mies. Hugging Mies is almost like hugging Oslo: those two were inseparable and shaped each other into the wonderful dogs we will always love. Mies turned 13 in August. We cherish every remaining minute with him.

Black and white and gray barrels over bumpy gravel. Sidewalks with sharp edges. Trains and planes and automobiles. The bus drove off in Redmond five days ago with my bike still on it. An hour waiting for the 545 on 520, alone on the expressway ramp. Waiting, waiting, twirling my hair. Hoping it would come back on the round trip but it didn't. So I had to go to Georgetown to get it. Had to ride it back uptown when I stopped to take a picture of this. Took a picture because this was the Summer of Smoke and Death and I don't believe it, not one little bit.

My dear friend Allison on a sailboat belonging to my other dear friend, Lindsay. She was visiting from NYC, so we all decided to go sailing at the last minute. Sometimes in life, you get lucky and meet special people. She is one of those people. @atrantran @peacokle @lindsaybeach #ElliottBay

Friedrich, Oslo, and me. August 5, 2017. #vscocam #weimaraner

Oslo. ❤️ August 4, 2017. We are losing our beautiful dog, and so, I am reading about death and its biological processes. I discovered a term called “terminal lucidity”, a phenomenon where, right before death, moments of clarity and vigor occur. This led me to discover a beautiful, fitting poem by Emily Dickinson:
A Wounded Deer -
leaps highest -
I’ve heard the Hunter tell -
’Tis but the Ecstasy of death -
And then the Brake is still!

The Smitten Rock that gushes!
The trampled Steel that springs!
A Cheek is always redder
Just where the Hectic stings!

Mirth is the Mail of Anguish
In which it Cautious Arm,
Lest anybody spy the blood
And “you’re hurt” exclaim!

Never have I felt such a desire to go vacuum cleaner shopping. P.S. Note the echinacea in the foreground. It grows everywhere here. #vscocam #quebecois

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